Delicious wine and food pairings is the key to the success of a wine and cheese party. Make it easy for your guests to choose your suggested pairings by setting up a beautiful table. A wine and cheese tasting is a versatile party so you can set up the table outdoors or you can convert the dining table into the tasting table.

A wine and cheese party needs a little bit of planning so two weeks before the party take a look at your serveware and glasses. Make sure you have plenty of tasting plates and the appropriate glasses for the wine you wish to serve. Order glasses and serveware for the party if you need and two weeks will give you plenty of time for ordering or returning. Besides these basics, serving pieces such as slate cheeseboards, cake stands with domes, wooden platters and wine decanters are essential to present your wine and food pairings. If you decide on a theme for the party like old world wines, vintage-inspired table decor is a good idea. Look for rustic serving pieces like wooden cheeseboards and vintage bottle stoppers for your themed event.

When setting up the tasting table, remember to add an element of height for a visually-appealing table. Cake stands with clear glass domes, tiered stands and simple cheeseboards are great for elevating food on the tasting table. The domed cake stands are perfect for serving soft cheeses while bunches of grapes artfully arranged on the tiered stand make a delightful display. The height ensures the table display is interesting and also prevents overcrowding of the table. These little touches add to the overall tasting experience.

Slate cheeseboards are a popular choice of serveware for a wine and cheese party. Charmingly rustic, you can label the cheeses and even suggest the wine and food pairings with these serving platters. Many art and craft stores offer chalk markers that feature chalk-like ink that comes off with water. This way you don’t have to worry about getting chalk dust in your food.

After you have set up the wine and cheese on the table, add decorative touches to complete your tablescape. Wine corks are widely available with art and craft stores online and they make excellent decorative accents for a wine and cheese party. You can simply fill wide wine glasses and clear glass vases with wine corks and place them around the table and party setting. You can also nestle flameless votives inside these cork-filled glasses and vases.

Source by William Socket