Learning how to shoot a bow is quite hard, especially for complete beginners because there are so many things that you need to study first and you need more practice before you can successfully hit targets and shoot bows longer. In this article, we will talk about the basics of shooting a bow and we will also talk about the things that you need to prepare before you get started, what are the tools that you need for this field or course, so make sure that you will read it first. Once you know how to shoot a bow, I am pretty sure that you will enjoy and like this kind of sport.

Bow shooting or archery is one of the oldest sports around the globe, as we all know archery already exists before we get civilized. Archery was used as a hunting skill or tool, and it was also used during the medieval times as weapons during the war, now archery is one of the famous sports played around the world. Archery is fun because it will test your accuracy, concentration, and endurance. Like guns, you will also have a target and you will aim for the center of the target which will give you higher points and which also means that you are good and accurate.

Anyway, here are the things that you need for archery or shooting a bow:

  • The bow – Archery will never be completed without bows, without bows how can we shoot or use the arrow right? Anyway, you can use any of these: Mongolian recurve, American flat bow and long bow. Wooden bows are usually preferred by professional archers. There are so many types of bows, there are some bows where you can detach joints so that you can keep and carry it in your bag. Did you know that Howard Hill used American flat bow for archery and for other Robin Hood films?
  • Shooting glove – Another important tool that you need in archery. Gloves will protect your fingers and your skin from stripping off, especially if you are shooting higher powered bows. Try to find and use this kind of glove, need suede shooting glove.
  • Arm brace – Arm braces are usually used by people who are using long and flat bows.
  • Quiver – Quiver is where archers put or store their arrows and them usually where it behind or on their back. Traditional quiver is made up of leather, wood, bark, and fur. Quivers nowadays are made up of metal or plastics.
  • Arrows – For beginners, you need to use standard wooden arrows first, you need to master shooting bows first because each arrow has its own characteristics that can change the speed and the strength of your shot.

Now that you know the things that you need to have in archery of bow shooting. It is time for you to hit the mall or shop to gather these items mentioned. Archery is fun, I am pretty sure that you will enjoy it too.


Source by HowExpert Press