How to Take Care of Dogs: Some Dog Health Care Tips

Dogs are man’s first choice because they are known for their loyalty and faithfulness. As like our family member, Health should be a primary concern for our lovely dog. To stay healthy and fit dogs requirement is same as human being such as good nutrition and diet, regular exercise, proper vaccination, regular grooming and cleaning, special attention to disease conditions etc.

We will focus on few dog health care tips.

Proper diet and nutrition: Dogs are full of energy and love to play a lot. To balance daily energy requirement we need to feed them all types of food. Vitamin and mineral balance is most important dog health care tips and should be managed. If required supplement may be added. Various types of dog foods are available now so we have lots of options to buy.

Daily exercise: Some dog needs more exercise and some may require less but exercise is a vital part of daily activities. You have spent some time with them daily. Exercising daily will keep the dog healthy and active. Jogging, running will also do. Give them lots of interactive games to keep them stimulated.  Lot of toys to play around in your home is also a good option.

Proper vaccination: Vaccination schedule as pet vet should be maintained right from their birth. This makes sure they will not be attacked by bacteria and viruses.

Health care: Dog is prone to diseases like arthritis, joint pain, fleas and ticks, obesity etc. To protect them we need to take special care. Proper medication, vaccination, nutritional balance and routine check up instruction need to follow as per pet vet. Calcium supplement if suffering from arthritis, Generic Frontline Plus for fleas and ticks, vitamin supplement if vitamin deficiency and lot more dog health care tips you have to follow for better health of your dog.

Bathing and Grooming:  Bathing and grooming are important aspects of the dog’s health. The added benefit of bathing and grooming is a dog’s skin, teeth and paws are maintained in good shape plus this keeps you updated on dog’s overall physical condition. Proper hygiene and cleanliness in the dog’s house will help to reduce chances of any bacteria and virus attacks.

Weekly maintenance: Brushing and nail cutting on a weekly basis are also required. Ear and eye cleaning as per the need of individual dogs, Providing bed and clothes as per weather condition and must be considered.

Source by Anagha Sharma