Developing economies like Africa are the worst hit. With a temperate climate and indifferent attitudes of Government agencies, the death toll has surged in this nation. Malaria is caused by a parasite known as Plasmodium. There are four common species of mosquitoes that cause malaria. Among them, Plasmodium knowlesi is the most dangerous. Malaria is characterized by flulike illness, chill, excessive sweating, headaches, and nausea. The carrier of malaria in humans is an infected Anopheles mosquito. When this mosquito bites humans, it injects malaria parasites into the blood. A pregnant woman should take special care and avoid visiting areas that are infected with malaria. With little care and proper medication, it is easy to combat this deadly disease.

Artemisinin is a new age drug that has proved to be very beneficial in parasitic infection treatment. It has dual advantages- it is effective in malaria treatment and is also very efficient against particular types of cancer. It is extracted from natural plant Artemesia Annua L. This plant is famous for killing worms and flukes for over centuries. Two million patients who have taken Artemisinin are satisfied with the results. Clinical trials conducted also suggest that Artemisinin has been very effective in treating leukemia and colon cancer. It has also shown positive results against melanoma, breast and ovarian, prostate, and renal cancer. Artemisinin works in a unique way in treating parasitic infections. It contains two oxygen atoms that conjoin together to form a bridge known as ‘endoperoxide bridge.’ These iron atoms when reacting with blood produce free radicals in the body. When the high iron content of parasites reacts with these free radicals, it becomes toxic and kills these parasites. By the same mechanism, the free radicals produced become toxic to cancer cells and help in the prevention of cancer. Gordon Research Institute confirms that these toxic cells expedite the process of killing cancer cells but show relatively low toxicity to the normal body cells. The successful working of Artemisinin in malaria treatment has made it a big hit in the market.

The dosage should be limited to one or two capsules of 100 mg each per day, ideally before a meal. People should avoid going to malaria prone areas. This is because people who are living in these areas become immune to the parasites but if new people enter the area they are more susceptible to malaria. Remember, it is possible to prevent malaria by taking appropriate steps and measures.

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