Human Growth hormone or HGH as it’s usually abbreviated is prolific amongst the performance sports industries. It’s used for its performance boosting benefits such as increased energy (allowed extra long workouts to be completed) as well it’s dramatic effect on muscle growth.

Despite all its benefits, however, its effects on the body, do a lot more harm, than good.

The truth is, as the body ages, its production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) decreases, but it does this for very good reasons. The main reason, it to stop unwanted growth in major body parts. For instance, when you’re done growing around the age of 21, your body caps the growth in your arms and legs, and the ends of the bones, which are the focal point of the growth, seal up and regardless of how much growth hormone you have, will never grow.

Your body then stops producing as much growth hormone so that you don’t grow out of proportion. This is where the danger with taking hGH comes in.

hGH taken prolifically, or regularly for extended periods of time, will cause your other bones to grow. And this becomes increasingly pronounced, especially in the hands and the feet. Over time you develop massively oversized hands and feet, and this looks scarily out of proportion. As well as these, the jaw and eyebrow ridge, become increasingly deformed and leaves some people looking horribly deformed.

There is, however, a similar way to get many of the same benefits, but without all the horrible side effects of hGH.

The method utilizes a different hormone, though because men tend to lack it as they age, boosting it to normal levels, isn’t a danger at all.

The hormone in question is testosterone.

Testosterone is one of the males most prominent hormones and plays a large part in multiple roles around the body.

It increases energy, raises libido, promotes muscle growth, as well as many other excellent benefits.

The trick here is to increase it naturally, with a combination of natural, healthy activities. Or a range of supplements. Much like you’d improve your body fat percent by eating a range of healthy varied foods.

Sticking the natural health supplements is key here though, as there are many chemicals, untested supplements on the market, especially prevalent on the internet.

Source by DavidJ