What are the infidelity signs of a cheating man or woman? If you are reading this article, you are probably suspecting that your husband or wife is cheating on you. However, you are not 100 % sure but you have a very strong feeling about it.

Well, if that is the situation, it is probably time to find out the truth. Catching a cheating spouse is not really as difficult as it seems. It can be very easy if you know the infidelity signs to look out for.

While some infidelity signs are quite subtle and not easy to catch, a number of them are pretty obvious and you should be able to spot them easily. Let us look at some of those infidelity signs that are easy to catch.

1)    Sneaky Behavior Around The Phone

If your spouse is behaving sneakily around the phone, chances are he or she may be having extra marital affairs. For example, whenever he/she sees you entering the room, she quickly hangs up. Or he/she may lower his/her volume or just suddenly become silent.

Another point to take note is this:

Is your spouse using the cell phone more than the home phone? Cheating men and women are afraid of being caught and because of that, they prefer to use a cell phone.

2)    Becoming Less Affectionate

Has your spouse become less affectionate than before? Usually, one tell tale sign of cheating is that your spouse will become less affectionate to you than before. This is because he/she has found a new love and their affection is now reserved for their new love.

Sometimes, cheating spouses may suddenly become more affectionate than ever. This happens because of guilt. They simply want to relieve their guilt by treating their partner better.

3)    Taking More Time TO Dress Up

If you spouse is now suddenly taking more time to dress up than he/she used to, this may be another sign of infidelity. Chances are, he/she Is trying to dress up to impress his/her new lover.

Has your husband been putting on cologne recently? Has your wife betting put on perfume more often recently? In fact, another use of cologne or perfume is to cover up the scent of another man or woman.

Now, even if you have observed signs of cheating, you still shouldn’t confront your spouse yet. Chances are he/she will deny or simply become more defensive. Before confronting your spouse, you will need more concrete evidence. Infidelity signs are just signs and cannot be used as concrete evidence against them.

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