As reflected by our daily lives, good dating skills come along with the ability to get along with people. Does dating only apply to people who are geographically together? Must you date yours from your own race? Dating is common in our day to day life. I have come to agree that most different-race friends have an agenda but are hesitant to express their feelings in fear of rejection. Some rejections are so emotionally painful that many people shy away from them. Being rejected by your object of desire on a racial basis is so heart breaking. However, there are success stories of love and happiness. One should understand the culture or taboos of the person one is dating since it builds respect between the two lovers. This is mostly applicable in both inter racial dating and international dating.

There are taboos in the Muslim religion that make them unique compared to other religions. They have their likes and dislikes. Understanding such principals make you enjoy international dating. Inter racial dating is healthy since it results into good relations between races and the two races can be involved in other activities to better their living standards for instance trade. This international dating can lead to inter marriages where the races can exchange their ideas according to their culture if they accept one another and focus on love as their joining factor. Dating skills are important in such mixed relationships. Only knowledge and wisdom can to make the relationships a success.

If only the world could accept other races just as they are and stop fighting for racial superiority there could be a lasting solution where all the races could live as one community. What happens in real sense is that, some races find themselves better than others and this leads to discrimination. The discriminated person’s  humanity is reduced hence lowering his/her self-esteem. This affect an individual ability to deliver. The social life is affected and off course the dating skills leave a lot to be desired. Inter racial dating faces some challenges because a person from a junior race dating someone from a superior race may feel intimidated. An American and a European dating relationship can be a success since they share something in common. Whereas it is a good thing, international dating should be encouraged to try and bridge the gap.

It is sad to find that when an Arab and an African are dating, they may take a lot of time and energy trying to understand one another since there are some differences between the two races. Inter racial dating should be able to withstand all the negatives. Choice of dating zones is important and should be considered, social places are considered as dating venues away from home to create change of what is common. International dating rarely suffers from monotony. The two people from different worlds are always moving around, applying joint dating skills and having fun. For instance, think of a date in the dinning room in a house in the suburb and another in a park where you enjoy birds singing, a variety of flowers with different smells and presence of other people who are also out for a date. This could keep you in the dating mood since you are not in what you are used to everyday.

Source by Francis Githinji

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