Amanda Goldston was our guest on Moon, Moo & You: The Collective Wisdom on 3/31/09. It was a great show.

I liked how we all shared our collective wisdom regarding angel encounters because we’ve all had them. Naturally, those of us on the show were already True Believers. But even those who are skeptics have had encounters with Angels. They just may not have recognized them as such.

Amanda says that she talks to her angels all the time, but is careful not to do this in public for the very real possibility that she will be institutionalized. Yet in the age of cell phone conversations, everyone is seemingly talking to themselves in public, making it easier for us to keep our conversations with angels going uninterrupted!

Amanda has a deck of Angel Cards she uses to intensify her ability to communicate. She says she also calls on different angels to deal with different challenges.

She says that we must remember to ask for help, and theses beings will be there to help the minute or second we ask.

Joan brought up an experience she had in a difficult life situation. She woke up with the distinct impression that someone was holding her hand. She thought it was Whitey, her husband, but there was no one there.

Joan asked Amanda if it was an angel who was holding her hand.

Amanda said this happens all the time.

When children are lost in the wilderness, angels often show up to care for them and aid in their rescue.

Angels wrap their wings around us all and love us until we learn to love ourselves.

Amanda said to look at angels as helpers, as connectors, as beings who hook us up to a larger dimension and reality.

Give your angel a name or not because Angels don’t mind. They will answer to anything.

Meditate on who your angel is and how he/she can help you.

God is not limited to any religion, as well. Alcoholics Anonymous calls God the Higher Power and in reality, anything or anybody can be the Higher Power.

This is available to everyone.

Joan’s sister Betty came on the call to discuss an experience she had with the angels.

Her son was looking for a pair of pants. Betty went to the third story of her home to look for these pants.

The pants simply showed up for her without her having to tear up the entire room. This experience seemed so mundane, so trite. Yet by asking for help with the small things, we are practicing to remember for the times when a major challenge arises.

Complete surrender is often a component of angel contact. If we ask and get attached to how it’s supposed to look, we block the avenues available for divine intervention.

When we let go of the outcome, the contact will suddenly show up.

Amanda taught us a great journaling technique of how to we can ask the angels for help, an exercise in “conscious surrender.”

Draw a line down the center of the page. On the left, write down everything you can do to accomplish a particular goal you are working on, such as make a phone call or write a blog entry, for instance.

On the right, ask the angels to help the only way an angel can, by bringing into your life the people who can help, by bringing unexpected money and resources into your life. Then you let go.

In this state of surrender, you follow through on your hunches and intuition which allows the unseen forces to carry you effortlessly to your destination.

The less you fuss about the outcome and the focus on fear, the more the mind can concentrate on peace and eternity. Resistance and tension melt away.

Think of the worst thing that can happen: loss of job, loss of income, loss if life itself. Visualize what you would do if anything like your worst fear actually happens.

When you go beyond the fear, the pathways are cleared for the good to come in.

These are comforting guidelines for the challenges that confront us. We do not need to stay immersed in’ the reality that the world tells us is true: economic collapse, poverty, joblessness, hunger.

Unplug the TV. Pray to the angels. Open up a two-way conversation with all the unseen forces in the Universe.

As I sit here writing these words, the silence that permeates this moment in time, the occasional birdsong as night falls, the glimpse of the Cardinal out my window as I think of Betty finding the pants for her son, all allows me to feel connected to this gift of solitude and to the higher Universal Beings who everywhere surround us.

I know we are never alone. The angels wait for our invitation. The dogs who lie by my side tell me they are angels, too. The love they continuously radiate is an awesome gift to everyone they meet.

Angelic Intervention is ours for the asking. They clear the consciousness for higher energies to take the steering wheel.

As far as I’m concerned, my life is theirs. I am no longer in charge, not that I ever was.

The difference is that now, I finally know it.

Source by Kate Loving Shenk