Since the existence of Bangladesh came into being, thousands of Hindus are being killed, and their properties and families destroyed or their belongings have been forcibly snatched away by the BNP and the Jamaat supporters and in some cases, even by the elected MPs of these parties. Thousands of Hindus and their families, who have been the owner of lands for generations and ages, were forced to leave behind their movable and immovable properties and get over to India, their only reprieve. After over so many years of liberation of Bangladesh, Hindu families in hundreds and thousands are leaving Bangladesh and crossing the border and getting over the India, almost empty handed and put themselves at the pity of the Government.

The ones who decline to leave the country or are reluctant to do so, have to face inhuman torture at the hand of the extremist elements and have to withstand primitive forms of tortures by the extremist elements that have been patronized and at times even indemnified by the government.


In spite of the countless national as well as international appeals, looting, arson, and atrocities against the Hindus continue in every nook and cranny of Bangladesh. The only thing that has happened in the face of such appeals and protests is that the perpetrators have changed their tactics and techniques of operations. All these and the ‘not too friendly’ attitude of the Bangladeshi government have almost forced the Hindu population to drop sharply. Those living back are facing a really challenging and a bleak future in the face of such atrocities and tyranny. From minority news Bangladesh, these situations are available.

Now the question here is why should the Hindus or any minorities anywhere in the world be killed? Why should they be deprived of living to the fullest of their birthrights and enjoy a peaceful life like their Muslim counterparts here in India?


The answer is that it is the result of living in a bullheaded and transgressor fundamentalist community. The very pulse of this community is that in order to survive in this community, the minorities will either have to get converted to Islam, or they have to dance to the tune of the fundamentalists and refrain from performing the Hindu rituals. These elements are barbaric, to say the least, and have taken up the gauntlet to transform Bangladesh into a radical Islam country in the line of Afghanistan during the Taliban regime or Syria under the dominion of ISIS elements. This is what the reports of the Hindu news Bangladesh papers say and that is more than true and the situation in the ground zero all over Bangladesh very much support this.

There are a few voices that rise against this oppression, but to be frank, those voices have been very feeble and weak in the face of these growing atrocities, and at present, the situation has snowballed into such an extent that it is high time for India to take steps against it and do something.


Source by Swapnil Bala