Saying to yourself that “I want to save my marriage” is not good enough. There is no leaving to chance big deals such as a marriage and the lives of those involved. Marriage should be taken seriously. After all, those involved could experience tremendous pain, especially the children, if a couple separates. Unfortunately, statistics point to an increased number of divorce rates yearly. In fact, 8 out of 1000 people in the United States are now divorced. This could be decreased and hopefully avoided altogether is only each one will know how to repair a broken marriage.

If you are really serious about knowing how to save a broken marriage, then you need not look very far. By simply browsing the internet, you will already be filled with hundreds upon hundreds of options and advice on how to repair a broken marriage. However, you cannot expect all of them to work. There has to be a consideration on the situation at hand. Certain situations require certain actions. Some of the advice hereunder, however, is applicable in saving your marriage whatever the status you may be in.

• Friendship – this is one important thing you need to have in your marriage. If love is gone, yes it flies out of the window over time and across financial problems, crisis, stress, etc., friendship will remain between the two of you and you can be a great friend and companion to each other. Make sure that this prevails and is renewed when problems start arising.

• Be straightforward – your spouse may be the closest person to you in this whole world with all your good and bad sides known to him. There is no reason, therefore, to hide anything from him or nothing about you that he cannot accept and understand. Thus, it would do well to be straightforward with your spouse and talk about what you feel, what you like, what your opinions are, etc. You also have to ask from your spouse the same thing and thus make the communication lines open between the two of you.

• Spice up your married life – try to remember how it was at the beginning when the two of you are still both very excited to see each other and cannot stop hugging, kissing or putting your hands on each other. Try to redo at least part of it if you can not do it all again. You have to make sure that romance is still alive in your married life to spice up your union and prevent each other from looking somewhere else.

• Forgive – Nobody is perfect, not even you. Your marriage will definitely last a lifetime if you will just try to understand and learn to forgive the weaknesses your spouse may come across with.

• Appreciate, support and encourage – be the ideal spouse and do all of these. It is not hard to do for someone you love dearly. This will only make the marriage stronger but will also get the same actions from your spouse. In the end, both of you will benefit from your selfless actions.

So if you will ask yourself “Can I still save my marriage now?”, the answer would be a resounding “Hell, yes!”

Source by Denise Mah