Kanan Gill’s Video about Explaining Technology to Parents is Totally Relatable

The video is part of his new standup comedy special 'Keep It Real'

Youtube/Amazon Prime Video

Comedian Kanan Gill has been making people laugh through his Youtube channel Pretentious Movie Reviews and his standup comedy. His stories are relatable and so natural, it feels like a friend telling you a funny story, complete with exaggerated movements and expressions. He is now seen in his new standup comedy special ‘Keep It Real’ where he is shown speaking to his parents on the phone.

Youtube/Amazon Prime Video
Youtube/Amazon Prime Video

“Explaining Technology to Parents”, a clip from his ‘Keep It Real’ special that is available on Amazon Prime Video has already hit four hundred thousand views. The brutal yet honest rendition of how his parents react is a depiction of what we all have witnessed in our lives.

Youtube/Amazon Prime Video

Watch it here: