Sometimes a car comes out that becomes a legend overnight. Whether that is because it is fast, safe, has outlandish looks or a combo of all three doesn’t really matter. What matters is whether or not an average person can get in and drive the car quickly right of the bat. There are many cars where this isn’t possible, as they are too hard to handle or are hard to see out of or whatever, but one car that this isn’t a problem for is the Mitsubishi Evolution.

Of note with the Evo, as opposed to the STi, is the steering. In most cars, the wheel is there to just help move the front wheels in the general direction that you want the car to go, but in the Evo, the steering wheels seem to be telepathically connected to those wheels and help to give the car some of the best feedback for the driver. Also, the car is imbued with four wheel drive that enables it to stay glued to any surface and any road condition that comes about. Plus, with four doors and a sizeable trunk, the car is spacious enough for you to take your friends and family on the ride of their lives.

Much like the STi, this Japanese car was born and bred for the rally circuit. It became a crowd favorite and brought home multiple driver championships. The engine in the Evo is a 280 horsepower beast that is considered to be one of the most tunable engines on the planet. There are many instances of engines producing over 800 horsepower with the right upgrades. In stock form though, the car will get to 60 in under 5 seconds and is fast and stable enough to be able to hang with just about any supercar on twisty and bumpy roads.

Speaking of upgrading, there are many parts on the market for this car. The most common upgrades include performance chips, exhaust systems, blow off valves and new suspension parts. Like any other high-performance turbo car, be wary of used examples that don’t have a quality history and look to have been abused beyond their normal capacity.

Source by Kasan Groupe