Those individuals who often drink a lot are always at a high risk of suffering from severe physical harm. However, the level of harm will certainly depend on the degree of alcohol intake. The various body organs which help in the assimilation and digestion of food, such as throat, esophagus, and stomach, liver and then the pancreas are the most vulnerable organs to the damage caused by intake of alcohol. The brain is also not left out from the realm of this sustained abuse of alcohol for a considerable period of time. Alcoholism treatment centers have well-qualified doctors with them who can treat these severe effects on the different organs of the body. The following is a list of the side effects that a person faces in the long run: 

Effect on Liver: The liver is an essential organ used for the digestion of food as a whole and certainly alcohol stays the worst affected organ also. Unwarranted alcohol abuse is also known to cause fatty deposits to be accumulated in the liver, resulting in a condition of the fatty liver. According to research, the experts have concluded that a large portion of the alcohol addicted population suffers from the condition of the fatty liver. The side effects of fatty liver are a feeling of sickness, queasiness, loss of appetite and weight along with fever. There is a possibility of recovery from the condition of fatty liver if alcohol abuse is stopped. Liver cirrhosis and cancer are the effects of extreme alcohol consumption and the last type of damage that can happen to the liver.

Effect on Stomach: The stomach is the second most important organ that contributes in the digestion of food and drinks as well. One of the often heard diseases of the stomach is that of gastritis. Gastritis is usually coupled with some form of inflammation of the lining of the pancreas. A Severe Case of Gastritis can also cause bleeding in the inner lining of the stomach. As a result of deterioration in the proper functioning of the stomach and pancreas, there results in a lower assimilation of food nutrients. This may result in decreasing your health by either increasing your body weight or making you lose weight. 

Effect on the Brain: Prolonged alcohol is bound to cause brain damage. The most common disease hence caused is the Wernicke Korsakoff syndrome.

When to reach out to Alcoholism Treatment Centers?

Be completely certain when you think of approaching these treatment centers. You have to look for some signs of alcohol dependence and be certain of its presence in you or your family member who needs treatment. There are some signs which are almost the same as the symptoms of certain types of mental problems. The treatment is effective when the patient is ready to accept the problem of alcohol abuse and wants to attain sobriety. As part of the patient’s family, you have to be extremely well informed, aware and sympathetic towards the patient. 

The treatment of alcoholism or alcohol dependent should try to take within its premise the detection of alcohol abuse, detoxification, treatment, counseling as well as the care required in specific cases. It is the greatest challenge of the alcoholism treatment centers to provide tailor made a treatment to each patient. The process of detoxification and after treatment should be such that it encompasses the possibility of severe medication along with relapse and its treatment. The alcoholism treatment centers first try to detect the degree of physical abuse brought about as a result of prolonged alcohol consumption. Then the process of treatment is embarked upon.

Source by Matt Brindisi