I would like to put this point in front of everyone that Marriages are certainly made in Heaven and settled on earth. we always get only that in life which is always meant for you.

Love Marriage takes place when one start understanding each other and keep on exploring the likes and dislikes of each.The couple should only take this step when they realize that their path, thoughts, choice, behavior, nature agrees towards each other.

Generally, people have a myth that Love Marriages don’t work and end it into Divorce [A Sour End].But as I said, It’s only a myth.Love Marriage is the perfect way of selecting your life partner, by putting this point I don’t disagree with Arrange Marriage,but to make this point work that Marriages only work when couple know the sweetness of relationship, when couple understand that the other person is equally important to one’s life not as survival but as necessity.

Where in Love marriage partners know each other before Marriage, are much capable of sorting each other problems and capable of giving Happiness, same in Arrange Marriage, no matter couple doesn’t know each other prior, but then they have respect for eyes and curiosity in the heart to know each other.

Love Marriages and Arrange Marriages are another equations of the social bond, personal commitment, strong living, deep understanding, and transparency.Wish If people get into this relationship, then they should LIVE it..instead of living it..!!

Here I would like to invite people to put their queries/comments/discussions with me so that we can have healthy relationships in Life.

Source by Shalu R.Varadkar