Shobhaa De faced the wrath of the Twiteratti two days ago after she tweeted a picture of an overweight police officer with the caption: “Heavy police bandobast in Mumbai today”.  She was accused of body shaming the police officer and largely condemned by the public.

The Mumbai Police gave her a fitting reply by saying her pun was misplaced and they expected better from a ‘responsible citizen’.

Now, the police officer who was in the photo— Daulatram Jogawat—has spoken up. In an interview to News 18, he said, “Nobody loves to be overweight. If madam knows about some weight-loss treatment, then help me lose weight… It is not good to mock someone without having any detail about the person.”

Jogawat, who is posted in Neemuch, MP, said he has been fighting obesity since 1993 after he had a surgery for issues related to the gall bladder. Superintendent of Police Manoj Singh praised Jogwat’s dedication to his work despite facing health problems.