Reservation based on one’s caste has become quite the norm in India. The reasons are usually a community’s economic and social backwardness. Two somewhat ironic agitations demanding quotas have taken place in the recent past. The first being Patidar reservation movement spearheaded by a young Hardik Patel, where some protestors turned up in luxury cars. The second and dos recent one being the Jat agitation in Haryana where the prosperous and politically powerful community demanded affirmative action benefits and to be classified as an OBC.

Not to be outdone, Marathas in Nashik have also jumped in demanding reservation. They have started protesting outside the collectorates office. What really made people’s jaw drop was the presence of a protestor wearing what looks like a kilogram of gold. People even came out to see the ‘golden’ protestor, when they heard about his presence.

The man is believed to be Anup Swaroop a high ranking official of the Shiv Sena. Sources say he is dressed like this quite often and has security accompanying at all times.

Hopefully, people like these will help drive home the fact that reservation based solely on caste is not such a good idea.

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