Massy Arias is the Fitness Role Model Every Woman Should Have


Fitness is the need of the hour and also the key to lead a healthy lifestyle. Inspiring thousands of women worldwide with her resistance training, callisthenics, yoga, high-intensity interval training and sprinting workouts is Massiel Indhira Arias, a.k.a Massy Arias. Massy is a certified personal trainer residing in Los Angeles, California.

“I one day hope to influence a new generation of trainers to teach people a lifestyle instead of a fix to get a bikini body, to teach people to fully believe that being healthy really is being happy” says a visionary 27-year-old, formerly known as ‘Mankofit’ who is a role model to people of every age and gender. 

She has dedicated her life to fitness which has not gone unnoticed. Massy has been covered by the American, Latin American and European media. She’s also the brand ambassador for Beauty brand CoverGirl which is one of her biggest professional achievements till date. An overwhelmed Massy posted on her Instagram, “I remember watching America’s next top model growing up as a young girl and dreaming of a chance to experience for just one minute what it’d be like to take pictures with pretty makeup and pretend I was a model. It’s extremely humbling now to be in a position where I can possibly inspire young girls and women around the world”.

A few months ago, Massy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Motherhood did not put a stop to her fitness aspirations. She’s back to doing what does best, perfect box jumps and inspiring millions the world over.