Astrologer in India scientifically predicts the success in marriage by meticulously matching of horoscopes.  A couple marries with a wish to lead a happy and prosperous life together with advancement and progress in their life in terms of health, wealth, and vigor.

Astrology in India allows this bliss to a couple and authentically guides and suggests whether a couple will gain in marriage and lead a stable life or if the Matching of horoscopes suggests else wise.


While Matching of horoscopes, astrologers in India keep into consideration and match horoscopes on eight principal criteria, which are the ‘essentials in marriage’. These essential points are named as ‘Ashta Kutas’ meaning ‘Eight Points’.

These Ashta Kutas in terms of matching of horoscopes cover ego-problems, the intensity of love and mutual attraction between the couple. Matching of horoscopes also predicts longevity and health of the couple, conjugal bliss, friendship, and togetherness. Moreover, Progeny and offspring bliss, the pattern of social interaction of the couple is also predicted by matching of horoscopes. Astrologers in India make this prediction on the basis of the temperament of the couple. Furthermore, Matching of horoscopes by Astrologers in India also forecasts about couple’s financial stability and their socio economic status after marriage. Matching of horoscopes also predicts how long the couple will enjoy the marital bliss together.

The Total and maximum points which can be obtained while Matching of Horoscopes are 36 and minimum essential points are 18, i.e., at least 50% of the total points. However, the numbers of matching points may be misleading as the detailed and scientific matching of the horoscope is based on Qualitative Analysis and not merely Quantitative Analysis. It means that the Astrologers in India while matching the horoscopes pay attention to the merits obtained on an essential requisite of matching in the Tally such as friendship and togetherness. If the total is acquired with good merits on these Gunas then the match is declared as worth to consider. If the points or merits in Matching are high with zero or nil points on friendship and togetherness it is considered by the Astrologers in India to be a matching of horoscopes with DOSHAs or Faulty Matching.

Moreover, Matching of Horoscopes is incomplete without extending efforts towards individual analysis of the Horoscopes of the bride and the groom. It is essential while matching the horoscopes to glance if the individual’s Birth Chart is blessed with longevity and also reflects faithfulness and loyalty towards their partners.

Manglik Yoga and its cancellation should also be very cautiously adjudged while Matching the horoscopes.

The forthcoming time period, i.e., Dashsa and Antar Dasha should also be checked in terms of Mental stability, prosperity, good health, morality etc. before reaching to any conclusions about the Compatibility between the couple.

Therefore, scientific matching of horoscopes by astrologers in India has immense predictive and guiding power and is highly recommended for successful and secure marital life.

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