There is a woman ask me the question, why does man love their motorcycles so much? Many people do not understand why most man gives their bikes such attention. For some man, motorcycles are toys. But for the real riders especially big motorcycle lovers this vehicle is more of a priced property than a toy. Some riders even do not trust other guys to drive or even touch his bikes, he treats the motorbike like his wife.

For the real big bikes lovers, the best motorcycle is Harley Davidson. Men may admit it or not, but most of them love the attention they get when they ride this Harley big bikes. For me, there’s nothing symbolize the spirit of freedom and strength more than a Harley Davidson. It gives the riders a sense of freedom when the rider riding the magnificence Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson is known more for their cruiser bikes, so this motorbike is really matching for people who love the adventures. Cool air and heady speeds of Harley can make the riding really exciting, especially if you riding in a group. It is fun and more enjoying the riding when you hang out with your friends with this big Harley.

There is many riders with the same interest with this kind of motorcycle. They meet each other and riding in the community of Harley Davidson motorcycle rider. The fact is that the Harley Davidson motorcycle community retains its sense of camaraderie. Most of them is a man although there’s a woman Harley riders. That’s why I said max motorcycle for a man is Harley Davidson, that said and done.

This big motorcycle is not for everyone, I can honestly say. That’s what makes the Harley Davidson so special. You can ride your motorcycle with easily but that’s not mean you can ride Harley. It is all about attitude, and love the concept of freedom, chaos, and living to the fullest. If you think you can handle that, then give a Harley a try, and see if you have got what it takes to run with the pack.

Source by marikxon manurung