Body building, since donkey’s years, has been categorised as a ‘man’s’ sport as well as a prestigious one since it highlights the masculinity of a man who holds the title of a body builder. Harj Hadani a.k.a ‘Skinny Roti’ is shattering every stereotype and redefining what a woman is conditioned to be. In my opinion, she is a role model to not just a fitness freaks but also to countless women who want to show that they are more than just mothers and wives.

Harj kick-started her journey into fitness by simply giving up on her medications and instead maintained a nutritious diet and exercised regularly. During this phase, she decided to chart her diet and workout routine which she then published on her website ‘.Skinny Roti’( The website exhibited fitness tips as well as recipes for those looking for healthier versions of their favourite dishes.

Her journey then unexpectedly took a different route where she found herself participating in competitive bodybuilding as well as an athlete. She says,“It’s not like I grew up dreaming of one day becoming a bikini athlete. How it happened was that I decided to post some professionally-done photos of myself on the site and began to train more intensely prior to the photo shoot.  When the photos were posted, people asked me if I was a bodybuilder and whether I was doing it competitively.  I had not really thought about it like that, but I guess I already was a bodybuilder.  Doing it competitively seemed like the next logical step.  So I just did it.”

After winning several competitions including the masters at the provincial championship of the British Columbia Bodybuilding Association (BCBBA) in July 2015, Harj has always pushed her self beyond limits and competed at the National level. Shenow competes at the international level of bodybuilding.

Harj says that doing well at Nationals and getting her pro-card would be fantastic, but there is much more she wants to achieve.The mum-of-two has the vision and the will power to turn her dreams into reality and prove to the world the true strength of a woman.

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