What men want in a woman is someone who is self-assured. Another word for this is someone who is assertive. They know what they want in life. They know what they’re on the world to do. They know how they feel about themselves, the people around them and their husbands and no one can change that opinion. There are people who are easily swayed by people who bad-mouth others or gossip. If you’re self-assured, you can be assured of the fact that your man will appreciate your strength and tenacity. Here are three reasons why he likes that about you.

1. You have standards

There is nothing worse than a woman who doesn’t respect herself. We are in a modern age where women are on par with men. Same income, same rights, same everything. Still, women are neglected when it comes to relationships. They allow themselves to be walked all over by men.

Women who have standards are firm about them and no matter the amount of social pressure, etc. they are able to abide by their own laws. To a man, that’s an attractive quality to have.

2. You are confident

Women who know what they want in life are confident. Women who are ambitious know what they want in life. Women who are married know that what they wanted was to find a man that would make her happy. If she got married for any reason other than that, she’s in denial.

As much as a loyal man is important to a marriage, having a woman who has similar beliefs is also integral to a happy relationship. If you aren’t confident about your marriage, then how can your man be confident in you?

3. It’s rare to find women who are self-assured

For the simple fact that it’s still reasonably uncommon to find women who are self-assured, men would love to be married to someone who displays this uncommon trait. You’re considered a lot more valuable because you’re harder to find.

What men want is a woman who is self-assured. If you can show that you have personal standards that you always stick by and that you are confident about what you want from your marriage, you’re a rare specimen and your man is going to appreciate that. Be self-assured and I can assure you that you will be loved by your husband. Do you think you are self-assured enough?

Source by J. Keys