Haiku poems have a long Japanese tradition. It can be dated to centuries ago, so what makes haiku poems so relevant to the post modern area? How come haiku poems are still relevant to our time?

The most common topic of the haiku poems is nature. As a human kind, we are a big part of nature and it will always be like that. Therefore nature poems will always be actual for us and people will always have fun and a big joy to read short poems regarding the beautiful landscapes that surround them.

However if the haiku poems will not adapt to the area we live in right now they might be vanished from our awareness and be only a part of the history – written long ago. But the end of haiku poems is yet to come, mainly because of the format of those poems. It seems that the set of rules that make a poem a haiku can be adapt to other topics. So while we take the haiku poems from their original contests but keep the format the same we basically transform them into another kind of haiku poems.

Take for example computer haiku poems. It is widely known that we are living in an area which is mainly characterized by the presence of computers. It is only natural that we will have haiku poems on that topic as a part of our popular culture. Some might claim that this attitude is ruining the Japanese poems or that it is not a haiku poem at all. But others say, and I tend to agree that it is actually preserving the poetry tradition. In this way, people who were not familiar with this kind of poetry, not only get to know it but also adopt it as a part of their life.

Source by Gothic Love