Attention seekers beg for recognition. They can go to any length to seek validation from others. They will showoff, create a scene and make sure everyone’s attention is directed at them. Now this sounds like insecurity and vanity but it can also be quite amusing to the rest. Redditors were asked the most attention seeking behaviours they’ve witnessed. Their account of the histrionics will have you in splits. Our Rakhi Sawant barely comes close. Take a look at what these people have done.

1. The Hot Tinder Date

A girl I matched with on tinder posted a pic of herself in a thong with the caption “My grandma just died :(“ [rhg4]

2. #Coma #SickMom

I had a coworker whose mother was in a bad car accident a couple years ago, and my coworker was taking selfies with her comatose mother in the hospital hooked up to all these machines and covered in bandages, while my coworker was all made up and dressed like she was going to the club. The worst part was that she hash tagged photos with things like #armani #LouisVuton and #Coma [_sekhmet_]

3. Fake Spazzing Out

During a hot Iowa summer I was detassling corn (to keep it from pollinating) and one of the girls in my crew pretended to be stung by a bee and said she was extremely allergic. She started spazzing out like crazy so we called 911 and a helicopter ended up flying to the field to take her to the hospital. After they brought her in it turns out THIS FUCKING BITCH WAS FAKING IT! Needless to say she got fired and I think she got some kind of fine [Crudadu]

4. When a Joke Goes Too Fart

This was me. My cousin was visiting from Korea. I was 8, he was 6.

We were sitting around my mother on the floor watching her sew something. She couldn’t find a piece of string she had precut. She asked us to look around ourselves for the string.

My cousin was sitting on it. He handed it to her and said, “it may be smelly, I farted on it.”

My mom laughed and said, “haha, you’re so funny!” I got jealous. So I forced a farts out but shat my pants instead.

My mother didn’t laugh. [Akincomer]

5. Pimping Yourself Out at a Funeral

My cousin’s girlfriend’s son decided he wanted to play guitar and sing a song at my dad’s funeral. No one else was playing music or singing. He gets up halfway through the funeral and starts singing. He’s horrible. At the end of his song he actually plugged his “New CD” that he just so happened to have a bunch of copies of in his car. What a shitlord. [Ser_Bron]

6. The Facebook Casanova

I went to high school (250 students total) with this kid who was a bit of a loner and had a reputation for being a pathological liar. In college, my friends and I began to notice these beautiful girls writing to him on his facebook wall. At first, it struck us as odd, but we left it alone. As weeks passed, our news feeds continued to be flooded with new girls we had never heard of flirting with him, so we started to get curious (some of us have known this kid our entire lives, and we could count the number of times he spoke to girls on one hand). We later discovered that he had created 30-40 fake facebook profiles with completely fabricated backstories and stole pictures of real women he found on the internet. He would carry out conversations with himself by posting from all the fake female accounts multiple times a day on his wall about fake parties, hang outs, etc. and respond from his own account.

After this happened, he closed his facebook account. We later found out he had become a gambling addict and spent time in a mental institution. Eventually, he moved to another city, and got a job. He refriended all of his HS classmates (including me), and from what I see, he seems pretty happy. It took him a while, but I’m glad things worked out for him in the end. [boomshey07]

7. The ‘Clumsy’ Hot One

My sister-in-law’s cousin is hot. Everyone agrees. There’s no denying it. When she walks into a room, all eyes turn to her. She’s always got guys fawning all over her. She has plenty of attention, deserved or not, at all fucking times.

When my brother got married, this girl, my sister-in-law’s cousin, decided to wear a huge, frilly white dress with a hat/veil. She kept barging into places moments before my s-i-l excusing herself for causing confusion. I wanted to punch her face.

I wasn’t the one getting married, I’m a guy, and I still wanted to fucking punch this woman’s face. [mrmdc]

8. Commissioning Your Own Autobiography 

My dad’s second wife paid someone to write a biography about her mundane life* in which she tried to drag me, my siblings and my mom through the dirt, then she started handing out copies to as many people as she could.

She also runs to my dad to cry about my sister regularly because my sister calls her out on her shit, she’s constantly negative about people to hide her own insecurities, she generally can’t stand not being the centre of attention and she will steer any conversation to be about her or her children. [Aethien]

*cleaning lady at a hospital, married with 2 kids, divorced and then she met my dad, what a life!

9. Fake Pregnant

I have an old childhood friend who is constantly either engaged to a new guy or claims to be pregnant. She once claimed to have had a miscarriage and then less than 3 months later was 4 months pregnant. None of her supposed boyfriends ever make an appearance with her or have an online persona. On top of such she’s the type that will post the status of “things are awful but I won’t say why so don’t bother to message me” all the time. I honestly think she needs therapy but that’s very thin ice to tread on. [grandteton]

10. The Grand Finale

  • Girl claimed she had lung cancer with only a week to live. Got into school the next Monday saying she was miraculously cured over the weekend.
  • Girl bandaged up her hand (palm) and told people she tried to slit her wrist but missed. (The most messed up part was this girl was heavily into First Aid and Halloween, so when she wore the same dirty bandage for a week that was caked in ‘blood’ but insisted on not changing it became transparent).
  • A girl got super jealous over this guy seeing someone else so she tried saying she got HIV from him so he would talk to her but he knew it wasn’t true so she pulled the pregnant card on him.
  • A girl with a very poor lifestyle tried to explain that it was because she was princess of China and all her luxuries were back home.  [sn0ttub]

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