Does it seem like everyone around is either cheating or have been cheated on? Chances are you have been cheated on. That’s why you are reading this, right? Let’s talk about how to get past cheating in a relationship.

There’s no getting around it, cheating hurts. It hurts to see friends being cheated on. It really hurts to be cheated on and even the cheater gets hurt from all the lies they have to tell and things they have to hide. The gilt one carries around from cheating can be enormous.

Here is the good news, just because someone is cheating doesn’t mean the relationship has to end. Cheating is usually a symptom of a larger problem. Such as The lack of intimacy or the lack of love and affection in a relationship. Maybe there is an addiction problem. If you came separate the symptom from the true problem there is a great deal to hope for.

If you have been cheated on and left or if you have been cheated on and stayed, there are going to be major trust issues you are going to have to sort out. Will he cheat again? Will the next person end up cheating on me as well? That is why you need to find the root of the problem. Why did the cheating happen?

Cheating can destroy even the strongest relationships. And it can happen more than once. To build trust back up in any relationship is tough but not impossible. If you focus on the root cause of the problem, over time you can learn to trust again.

If the cheating happened just because of opportunity or boredom and your partner was still able to hurt you in such a way, you are going to put serious thought into whether you can forgive them or not. Will you really be able to let the past go? Whatever you decide, make your decision and commit to it.

Although this is not a reason to cheat, the other person may have felt the relationship was going to end anyway. Maybe they felt neglected or undervalued in some way. This doesn’t mean what they did was OK, but it can give you the insight to what you both can do to avoid this ever happening again.

Some relationships are able to thrive and even blossom into something greater after an affair. Once the underlying problems are resolved a new found love and respect can be achieved. Remember, it is not going to be easy. Until the trust is built back up there is going to be a constant worry that he will cheat again. The pressure the cheater feels from someone wanting to know their every move every minute of every day can, at times, be unbearable

Source by Matthew Closson