“Dayum Gurl. He’s such a lucky Bast**d! *lovestruck emoji*” he replied to my Snap that was meant for my then boyfriend! Don’t ask me what happened when I told my boyfriend about this.  Darn you, butterfingers! The concept of archiving on the Internet was definitely the brain child of a sadist. Once something makes its way to the Internet, it leaves a digital footprint that can never really be completely erased. Snapchat tried playing an angel and thought it could outsmart the archiving system but there came a snappier comeback from the system called ‘screenshots’ (pure evil genius). What’s worse and really embarrassing is that you send a picture to the wrong person and they can save a screenshot of it. Here are some instances when these people sent a Snap to the wrong people:

Ayushi, a 23-year-old content writer obsessed with Snapchat, recalls her most embarrassing moment on this social media platform. “I was on a ‘sick’ leave and ended up sending #ootd from my evening party to my team leader!” Instantly, she realised that it couldn’t be undone as it was too late. On being asked what happened next, she says, “My team leader replied saying, ‘Daayuuumm you have such a high fever!’ and that too with a lot of emoticons.”

Samyukta recounts a similar encounter on Snapchat but only worse. Samyukta wasn’t on a sick leave but was supposed to be mourning a relative’s death. She had been drinking that evening and ended up putting all the evidence on her Snap story.  The next day when she arrived at work, during her meeting some of the colleagues offered their condolences and one of them asked her, “So, how did the Irish wake turn out to be?” Talk about being embarrassed.

1588ff42e0867fb3293Shruti, who works at a startup with a really cool team, has almost every colleague on her Snapchat friend’s list, including her bosses. What could possibly go wrong here? The very flirtatious 24-year-old happened to drunk snap a very sultry picture of herself to one of the bosses and also added it on her Snap story. There was no reply on Snap but the evil boss took a screenshot and saved the joke till her next payday. “I still get asked if I would like to be paid in cash or KIND,” she laughs.

While these three had encounters with their peers at work, Rohit, a 21-year-old gym freak, still gets shaken up by the thought of his worst escapade on Snapchat. Posting workout selfies and routine videos were usual for Rohit, until he shared his much revealing post-workout selfies with a bunch of people that included his then girlfriend and a few others. One of the female recipients and the then girlfriend replied back asking for more. Nothing oops yet you must think! Wait-for-it… Mister Muscle Man got the tease right but the name wrong while sending it to the girlfriend. “No more gym selfies on Snapchat,” he sighs.


Ritika is a religious user of Snapchat and a regular at posting Snapchat stories. She admits to enjoying all the attention her stories receives. One of her stories had her posing in front of her mirror showing off her much adored outfit and it was captioned, “Weekend scenes! House party!” What she failed to notice in the background was her brother was scratching his crotch and her dad sitting in his boxers in a very awkward position. Guess who is the butt of all the nude and costume party jokes till date?

Sometimes they backfire; sometimes they act as conversation starters, ice breakers, catalysts to potential hook-ups and lot more. Some may hate it, while others keep getting crazier by the snap quite literally! So what was your ‘Oops’ moment Snapchat.