Law of attraction in word collage

There is a mystery about the Law of Attraction. And that mystery is how to use the simple law of attraction in every day life.

The Law of Attraction is simple. What we think about, the energy with which we vibrate, what we feel, is what we attract. Many of us have tried to attract things based on feeling grateful, practicing visualizing our success, etc. And we’ve all had some success in this area. However, there remains a mystery to most of us about how to live our entire lives in this way.

To powerfully harness the law of attraction in our lives, it is essential that we think in harmony with this law. We can’t make ourselves think and feel a certain way at all times. It’s just takes too much effort. But it is possible to tap into a way of being that is consistent with our greatest desire – the drive to express our unique gifts and abilities.

Each of us is born with a special combination of talents. I call this our Inner Genius. In tapping into the mystery of the LOA, it is essential to look first to the Inner Genius. We have a built-in drive to express our passion in life and that passion comes from using our unique abilities.

Have you even wondered why you could spend hours doing something that you love and never tire? Have you noticed that you get really creative when you’re doing something that comes easily for you? When we’re using our natural gifts, we actually create more energy for ourselves and there is a well-spring of joy that flows from us. When we’re acting in concert with our passion, the Law of Attraction is at its most potent in bringing us what we desire. We’re in harmony with our passion and that creates the feelings, the vibrations, and the pictures of wonderful things that we’re creating.

But the key here is that this takes very little effort. It is natural to use the Law of Attraction when we’re tapping into our greatest passion.

But let’s get practical now. What does that mean to me right now? There is one simple practice that I’ve found to help guide me and with practice, it becomes more and more powerful. It is the way that I restructured my thinking to continually reference my passion in life, thus taking advantage of my natural drive to create and attract those things to me which I desire.

I asked myself: “What would express my passion right now?”

That was it. “What would express my passion right now?”

When I first began, this was a challenge. I wasn’t used to thinking about things this way. But with time and some diligence at the beginning, I was able to change the direction of my thinking. Every day, things in my life got easier. I began to center my life around doing what I feel passionate about. I enjoyed my family more and I experienced great power in my daily life.

It all can down to tapping in to my Inner Genius at all times, to live from there all day long. It takes some practice, but you’ll love the rewards you get from asking yourself this question.

Source by Dr. Isabella Santorini