Nikola Tesla’s Unfinished Business- Free Radiant Energy From The Skies


Do you want to decrease your monthly electricity bills? There is a new alternative to produce electricity from your home using a radiant energy generator. Alternative renewable energy source is indeed a popular topic from all walks of life nowadays. There is a renewed interest over Nicola Tesla’s unfinished business with radiant energy. Radiant energy, a new player in the market is on the rise. Let us find out why it is gaining popularity from all over the world. We shall also evaluate whether radiant energy  is capable of generating enough electricity to supply our energy requirements.

We shall discuss how to tap radiant energy  and how you it powers up your homes. You might be wondering what this energy is about and how does it differ to solar and wind power. Do not worry; we will discuss that in details for you right now.

Let’s find what are its variations between solar and wind energy generation. A solar panel can be developed by collecting sunshine by way of a solar cell panel and it is converted into electric power. These solar power panels are normally placed on the roof whereby it can have the optimum exposure to sun light. In the case of wind power generation, a tower system is erected on a piece of land and a rotating blade is installed on top of the tower system. The revolving blade is connected to a wind turbine generator. Whenever the wind blows it revolves the blade hence generating electric power.

Radiant energy however generate its electrical power from electromagnetic waves. This sort of wave isn’t visible by you and is readily available almost everywhere. It could actually appear from the soil or even it may occur through the atmosphere. Other scientists refer to it as “energy from the vacuum”.

Exactly how do we harness radiant energy? You will be able to utilize radiant energy simply by trapping the electromagnetic waves over an oscillating tank circuit. The circuit needs to have the exact impedance, inductance and reactance together with the external oscillating energy supply . This will only yield electrical power if each have attained resonance condition.

Precisely what are its uses? You can use it to power up gadgets like cellular phones, electric shaver, hair blow dryer and calculators. It can also power up your Tv set, desktops, stereo towers, backyard lights, garage parking, park lights and much more. It is safe to say that this product from this e-book can save you a minimum of 50% of your monthly electric bill.

These are the main advantages of radiant energy from solar and wind power:
1) Its reliability is far more better for the simple reason that it is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Solar power depends whether the sun will shine or not while the wind power gets its power whenever there is enough wind in the area.
2) The power intensity is more stable in comparison to both solar and wind power.
3) It is much easier to assemblel and to do the maintainance.
4) It is more silent when it is running.
5) It requires smaller space.
6) It is more safer and more secured.

We now go to its disadvantages. The primary disadvantage is that it does not comply with the present theory of law of conservation on energy which states that you can not get more energy than what you brought in. The world’s scientific body still has to accept this new discovery in order to gain full support from the united nations organizations and from the governments fundings.

I think you possibly can develop radiant energy from the air. Nikola Tesla has constructed one before and I am extremely positive that if he was given the chance to show it to the world we will not experience the energy crisis that we possess right now. To summarize, we have to open our doors pertaining to advancement and inventions. We can not really afford to just sit down and wait until the final drop in our natural resources is gone.

Source by Orlando Racelis