Most people who have a mobile phone will more than likely have had a Nokia at some point in their life, which is an indication of just how big a part of the mobile market the Finnish company are. However, you’d be hard pushed to find many people who would say they have ever had a true smartphone from Nokia. There have been feature-packed mobiles but nothing that was ever really going to worry HTC and Apple – until now. With the launch of the Nokia N8, Nokia is looking to show its smartphone credentials.

When you first see the N8 it’s difficult not to like it, for the fact that it looks good, but more because Nokia have actually made a very attractive mobile at last. There is a feeling of quality about it which is partly due to the scratch-resistant anodized aluminum shell that comes in a range of colors. The N8 is slimmer and less bulky than many of Nokia’s other smartphone attempts and wouldn’t look out of place next to an iPhone or the Nexus One. The lines are helped by the fact there’s no detachable battery cover, pointing to a more stable operating system that doesn’t need to have the battery removed to reset it, which is more good news.

The N8 has a good sized, but not outstanding, 3.5 inch touchscreen display, and while this might be considered average, the camera in the N8 is anything but. At 12 megapixels it’s one of the best phone cameras in the world, in fact Nokia are comfortable claiming it is the best. What’s is certain is that it is an incredible piece of technology to be packed into such a compact and good looking phone. Whether Nokia is trying to make a bit of a statement, or has finally decided to push the boundaries of technology in their mobiles, is unsure, but with additional features like a xenon flash and full 720p hi definition video recording it is certainly grabbing people’s attention. There’s even a mini HDMI output so you can play your videos on your HD TV.

While most of the other manufacturers can’t get near the N8’s amazing camera, it takes more then great looking photos and HD video to make a market leading smartphone. This is where the N8’s new operating system comes in. Previous ‘smartphones’ from Nokia had always suffered from relatively poor operating platforms, especially when compared to Apple and Android, so the new Symbian 3 is designed to redress the balance. 1GHz processing power and 16GB’s of media storage will also help.

You’d probably struggle to name any of Nokia’s previous phones that were genuine smartphones, but the Nokia N8 looks certain to get people’s attention. Whether it will challenge the likes of the iPhone 4 and the HTC Desire remains to be seen, but it certainly looks like the best thing Nokia has done in a long time.

Source by Mark Walters