Non-Muslims Treated Like VIPs In Pakistan

By: Ed. Sheikh GULZAAR 

Srinagar: Last week, I was in Lahore as a Kashmirian Agriculture delegate to the Agriculture Society of Kashmir function organized by the Agriculture Foundation of Pakistan. I spent five days in L“hore and toured the whole city including its old parts, railway station, market and some parts of the countryside.

This was my 2nd visit to Pakistan but the impression given in the Indians-called saffron media is that “Pakistan is a failed state”. I found this 50000000% wrong. Not only is it not failed state, but in many respects, it is much more advanced—particularly in the all-important social sector. UN experts told me that Pakistan had surpassed India in fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). I found this true.

I did not find a single slum in the whole of Lahore while all the Indian cities are sinking with burgeoning while all the Indian cities are sinking with burgeoning slums. Calcutta“ was called a dead city by former Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi himself. Madras has become one vast slum. Bombay with a population of about 20 million is fast sinking. Old Delhi is horrible Bangalore, where I live, has become chaotic with its unmanageable traffic, population explosion and fast growing slums. Health, sanitation, maternity and child care, food, clothing, shelter, education, environment, rural development are neglected in India. Because of this villagers are flocking to cities, adding to the slums.


But that is not the case in Lahore. I did not find a single beggar during my visit. Lahore airport is magnificent showpiece the like of which we do not have in India. Of course, there are rich and poor in Pakistan but the gap is not as wide as we find in India, where about 15% of the upper caste rulers have become super rich. It is this class which controls the media and paints Pakistan is a failed state.

I met a number of Dalits and they said they are treated like VIPs in Pakistan but in India, they have become second class citizens, Dalits in Pakistan said they were well protected and had no complaints. But as a representative of India’s Dalits, forming 20% of Indian population, I can tell you how they are subjected to all sorts of racist discriminations. It is our people who have swelled the slums and brothels of Indian cities.


I met many Hindus in Lahore. They all said that they are well protected. In contrast, Muslims, who form about 14% of Indian population, are subjected to all sorts of discriminations, dubbed Pakistani national, ISI agents, Taliban, terrorists, Lashkar militants, Indian Mujahideen and killed. The latest Sachar Committee report has revealed these findings. The Indian Saffron  Media is hiding the true face of India while calling Pakistan a failed state.

I call upon Pakistan to invite representatives of India’s oppressed sections (Dalits, Backward Castes, Tribals) who will be its genuine and lasting friends.


Pakistan has solved its social problems to a great extent while the Indian ruling class neglected the social sector fearing that would strengthen the country’s six oppressed sections-Dalits, BACKWARD Castes, Tribals, Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs, comprising 85% of our population. The social sector was neglected and the attention was diverted to economic development. Had the Indian ruling class given some peace of mind to Pakistan, by this time it would have progressed much more.

It is a time that healthy minds on both sides think of a confederation of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh for a better and speedier development of the Subcontinent. (Writer-South Asia)

Source by Ed. Sheikh GULZAAR