Now You Can Study Game of Thrones at This Scottish University

University of Glasgow will be offering an introductory philosophy course based on Game of Thrones


Are you one of the biggest GoT fans out there? Then this course is for you. Glasgow University will be offerring an introductory philosophy course based on Game of Thrones this July. Lecturer Dr John Donaldson will be teaching ‘Game of Thrones and Philosophy: Politics, Power and War’ at the University of Glasgow next month.


The course will consist of two one-day events that will introduce key philosophical principles by using themes from the show.

Donaldson said, “We will use important scenes from the show to introduce philosophy. The first thing we will look at is game theory.

He added, “Game theory was huge during the Cold War in the 1960s because Russia and the USA used it in regards to their nuclear weapons.”

Students will get to study about what life would be without a government and if certain persons have a right to a throne.

Donaldson continued, “The final part is on war theory. Game of Thrones is just incessant war so we will look at whether or not war is ever justified.

“In Game of Thrones, there’s always a side which believes it is justified in attacking while the other side thinks otherwise. We will look at the argument from both sides while using one particular scene.”


That sounds pretty interesting. After all, Game of Thrones is as much about war, power and politics as it is about gratituous displays of sex and violence.

Lecturer Dr Donaldson previously ran a course called ‘D’oh! The Simpsons introduce philosophy’ based on the animated series--The Simpsons and another philosophy course based on Star Wars.

Glasgow University isn’t the only top educational institution offering a course on the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Earlier in June, Harvard University had announced that it will offer a medieval history course inspired by Game of Thrones in autumn.


Sean Gilsdorf, a medieval historian and Administrative Director and Lecturer on Medieval Studies said the course will explore “a set of archetypal characters at the heart of Game of Thrones – the king, the good wife, the second son, the adventurer, and so on – with distinct analogues in medieval history, literature, religion, and legend”.