Given the current disastrous economic climate in America and elsewhere, policymakers in America now realize the crucial need to make education for women, girls, and mothers a priority. The logic behind this is that through education America’s women become empowered, and in turn this will lead to the economic and social empowerment and well-being of communities and families in general.

This realization has motivated President Barack Obama to not only call upon America’s mothers and women to go back to school to pursue a higher degree, but to support them to the extent that he is prepared to contribute greatly to the costs involved. The President has ordered his administration to make available huge amounts of funds – billions of dollars, in fact – every year to help pay for the nation’s women’s education. Right now, every woman who wishes to study toward a higher degree of her choice can apply and receive up to $10,000.

The scholarship funds are interest free, and they are meant to help settle the costs of tuition and related expenses, or contribute towards childcare needs. Applicants can choose at which reputable institution they want to study, and whether they want to do so full or part-time. For mothers who have to take care of children, or those not wanting to give up their day job, online studies are an excellent option.

Being an American citizen over 18 years of age is a basic qualification to receive a scholarship grant. Applications can be done online in a short space of time. Now is a great time to empower yourself by studying for a higher degree, as it is at virtually no financial cost to you!

Source by Tiffany Nelson