Oh, What A Glorious & Joyous Day… Color us Blessed

We put our adoption papers into the Adoption Agency after 6 years of marriage. Well after waiting another 5 years wondering if this baby was coming. We finally got a call.This was a life changing day for the good. The bundle of joy was a little girl. She weighed 6 lbs 5 oz and was 18 ½ inches long. Oh WOW the excitement of it all it had been such a long wait, but there was the call the reality the dream of having a baby, after so many years of marriage. She was 31/2 weeks old when they called with the GOOD NEWS, she had issues with yellow jaundice so she was kept by the foster parents tell she was well.


Oh she was just PRECIOUS. Oh, what joy and excitement we had a little perfect baby girl. Oh, the tears of joy for us both, what a chunky little thing she had lots of hair which was copper color it perfectly matched her eyes.She was wrapped in a little pink blanket. Oh, she was so beautiful, such a happy baby, she slept through the night from the beginning. Actually she still loves naps here and there– and she still sleeps through the nite,ha ha. We are a little family now I think we adjusted very quickly, she went everywhere we went we took her boating, camping, bicycling, hanging out with friends.We were given a book as a gift the name of it was,” I’m Adopted”. We read it to her from the beginning it was about a baby just like her, we constantly talked about adoption to her, and how special the birth mother was to make the choice to do what she did.

I Had A Brilliant Idea

We had purchased a dresser, before we even knew we had a baby coming soon. Well the day we first set eyes on her and brought her home, the dresser was also delivered. Now years later I had discovered Annie Sloan Chalk paints, I thought how great it would be to use chalk paint to restore the dresser and surprise our daughter with the story and give it to her for Christmas. I spent many hours checking out the videos offered online, and it’s just like they advertise no sanding, no stripping, or priming. I found nothing to fear, so here goes. Just check out the results and the surprise on her face when we pulled of the Ta-Da wrapping.

Source by Dian Pollard