Salman Khan movies are crap! Let’s not deny that. We love them but they are crap. We leave our brains home and go watch them. And we know they are crap. We love them because they are crap.

Now, we know that some Salman Khan fans are also crap. Like this guy from Sialkot in Pakistan. Now, Pakistani Salman Khan fans are not crap like the way some of his Indian fans are crap. They don’t justify his lying or say it’s okay for poor, homeless people to die if they sleep on roads.

These hardcore Salman fans are crap in a way that is uniquely theirs. They are ready to go to jail in place of their beloved Dabangg Khan. Like this gentleman. Apparently, he is such a big Salman fan that Salman had called him to wish him when he got married.

He acts, walks and talks just like reel-life Salman.¬†Which means he is a laugh riot. Because the reel-life Salman can’t act. He just hams and hums and Bhais his way through his movies.

When you watch this video, you may feel that he’s mocking Salman but he’s not! He’s actually paying homage to Bhai in the only way he knows how. By acting like Bhai.