To become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is not an easy task. It is difficult but the jewels in its crown are worth the prizes of the hardships you have to overcome and conquer. The financial success and other rewards it brings in becoming one are considerable and far outweigh the odds to beat.

There are several requirements of your State that you have to meet before you will be given a NTS (Notice To Site) and take the Certified Public Accountant examination. One is that you must be a holder of a 4-year degree course with several accounting and business related subjects. After completing the documentary requirements, you must have the determination to pass that CPA Exams. A determined mind focus on passing the examinations is not the only key to the doors of success and become a CPA. Several keys are needed and they are discussed below in details.

1. Attend A CPA Exam Review Course. The safest and surest way to refresh your accounting oriented mind is to attend a reputable CPA Exam Review Course. One that is manned by professional CPA/Lawyer reviewers with good tract of record in the industry. The review course could be online but it is preferable if you could attend an actual review school where physical interaction could add to self-confidence. If your tight schedule would not permit, a well-coordinated home school online program would be acceptable. What is important is that somebody imposes a well discipline schedule and somebody is there to guide and teach you professionally. Add to your schedule a 2-4 hour reading habit.

2. A Correct And Strict Review Schedule. If you could live like a hermit within those 2-4 hours of reading and studying, do it. Prepare a time-scheduled plan complete with target dates and subjects to finish. It is the only way to do it, no but, no if. You must distance yourself within those times from your family’s outing or overtime in your office. They must go in favor of your strict schedule to read books on Commercial Laws, Theory of Accounts, review materials from AICPA Questions, and others.

3. A Devoted Mind. You have to remain focused and your mind must be devoted to become a CPA. No amount of failures in your attempt to grasp and remember every topic should discourage you. Do not stop when your mind say so. Follow your heart’s desire and stick to your schedules. Do not leave unfinished assignments; attend to it until you have a full grasp of the subject matter. Incline your mind to cooperate with your heart.

4. Practice On The Set. Prepare a schedule for every self-exam on every subject. You have to conduct the examination with full honesty under the same time limits when you will be taking the actual CPA exam. If you fail or just pass the level, conduct another test until you can say to yourself that you are now prepared. Do not be discouraged on the results of your first attempt. Remember that you are training yourself to adjust to actual conditions when you will take that actual exam.

Indeed, passing the CPA Board Exam is tough, but it is achievable on the first try.

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