The enlightened one, Gautama Buddha was one Supreme Being, who was responsible for propagating the ideals and principles of Buddhism. Buddha taught his people about the realities of life through non-violence, love, and asceticism. These ideals and principles found a new institution for themselves, this time around. It was at the Dasshera Maidan in Bhandara, that the NCP Leader Praful Patel advocated the ideas and principles of Lord Buddha. The event witnessed a mass gathering. Amidst this, a few familiar faces and eminent personalities present were Dhananjay Dalal, Jiya Patil, Naresh Dahare and more. These are names that the localities of the Bhandara district, would be familiar with. The teachings and principles of Buddhism have influenced several lives till date. People from all across the globe had come down to this venue, to attend this meet. Eminent personalities from South Korea, namely Rahul Bodhi and Dr. Dhamdeep attended this event. Patel has always been known for rooting for Godmen like Birsa Munda and now Lord Buddha, in the districts of Gondia and Bhandara.

The word ‘Buddha’ means the awakened one. Gautama Buddha also commonly known as Siddhartha Gautama was a sage. Largely, most of the teachings of Buddhism have been founded on the principles and ideals of Lord Buddha. As a primary figure of Buddhism, Lord Buddha made way for the middle path that encapsulated a course between severe asceticism and sensual indulgence. Praful Patel’s contributions towards the districts of Gondia and Bhandara have been beyond materialistic value. On more than one occasion, Patel addressed the people of these districts on the importance of education and overall development. Besides, it was also the magnetic personality of Praful Patel that attracted people from Bhandara, to attend this event. The teachings of Lord Buddha as believed would not only help in the resurrection of human lives but would also have a relative effect on the way human mind has been trained to think and act.

AIFF President Praful Patel himself is a man of much honor and respect, who in many ways idolizes the teachings of Buddhism, through his own actions. Be it the districts of Gondia and Bhandara, Heavy Industries segment or even the parenting body of football in India, Patel has delivered nothing short of excellence. His achievements stand as a testimony to the hard work and perseverance put in, by this eminent personality. In the coming years, we all hope that Patel does India proud, through his actions, in his capacity.

Source by Bill Williams