“He is the happiest, be the king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.” In fact, peace, like charity begins at home. Every other day, we read in newspapers about the conflicts, quarrels, and disputes amongst the family members. Sometimes the things go beyond limits and one person or other innocent members get hurt. After every unnecessary fight we usually regret over the trifle matters, but then the matter goes out of control. Now, believe me, this is because your planetary position and Dasha(period) and Gonchar(transit) are making you do so. Get yourself evaluated astrologically so that the extreme points (till the point you can venture) could be ascertained. This helps in planning a suitable remedial measure so that you stop and recover back. MIND YOU MY MAIN JOB IS TO SAVE YOU FROM PUBLIC HUMILIATION AND DISGRACE if there is any.

To avoid such type of violent fights, we must try to understand the root cause of such disputes. The main reason for many disputes in the family is greed and differences in views. Just because of property matters, brothers and sisters become enemies of one another. It is very obvious that brothers want to snatch away the property rights of another brother. Some people don’t have any soft feelings towards their siblings, even for their kith and kin. This endless greed in the person for property and money prompts family members to commit serious crimes shamelessly.

The second reason for family conflicts and quarrels is that most of the people don’t like to be dominated by others. They also feel that if other rises more than them, then he might get proud and put others down. Thus they begin to suppress others to portray their own superiority in the society. Some people cannot see the other family members be happy that is why they always create problems for them. There are many reasons why people pull down other family members in front of the public. People suppress others by poking, making fun of them or through insulting remarks. The suppressive tendency in family members creates conflicts and quarrels in the house, and the entire environment becomes polluted, with the dirt of anger of selfish pride. Always remember that when you kick a stone in anger, you’ll hurt your own foot. Consider that how much more often you suffer from anger and grief, than from those very things for which you are angry and grieved.

To eliminate the negativity in the environment develop the qualities of contentment and simplicity of mind. Only by developing these qualities, you can attain peace and harmony, otherwise, it just remains a dream, which is very difficult to achieve. Sometimes the planetary movements are not in our favor. Our stars are not in their correct place, it can create many problems in our life. It is certain that here in this event of crisis, astrology can come to the rescue as it can for sure see what are the precise placement of stars which are prompting the brain to act in this fashion and it can also be effectively judged that since how long it has been affecting and how much damage it has caused.


The ascendant chart along with D-6 and D-9 chart is read in commensuration with Dasha and Gochar(transit). It can be very precisely predicted that what remedial measures should be initiated by the native so that the effect gets minimized if not eradicated. Have faith on astrology and me, I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Source by Vinay Sheel Saxena