8 People Who Have Cheated on an Exam and Got Away With It

Try them at your own risk and a sure shot way of not giving any exams for the next 3 years


Examinations are around the corner and most students must be cramming as much information into their heads as possible. A few, however must be thinking of ways to ace their exams without memorising facts and figures. So here’s a list of successful cheating stories to help you wonder if it’s worth the deception. Try them at your own risk and a sure shot way of not giving any exams for the next 3 years.

1. The Half Blood Prince Trick

I’m German and I did an english-bilingual A-level, so I had all kinds of subjects in English (History, Biology, Politics etc.). During exams we were allowed to use the school’s dictionaries, there were mostly new ones but one of them was particularily old and f*cked up. The day before the exam I would go to the library and taped all the information I needed into the dictionary. When the exam started the teacher would roll in the table with all the dictionaries – everyone rushed to get a new one, while I chilled and always got my prepared piece of crap. Since the dictionaries came from the teacher, they would never expect I cheat with their material. Never got caught in the 5 years I did this. [weisswurstseeadler]

2. The Legal Cheater

We were throwing javelins in a competition and i realised that all i had to do to get the furthest distance was beat the furthest legal throw, so i waited until everyone had gone and got non legal throws and just stuck it in the ground right in from of me, everyone laughed until they found out i was the only one with a legal throw and hence won the competition and the chocolate bar. [alien97]

3. The Switch

So in one class at uni we were required to take a two hour written final, supplying our own “blue book.” something you buy at the book store. Well the professor decided to give us our topic question in order to better prepare for this two hour write sesh. Bought two blue books, perfected one at home and brought a blank to class. I drew pictures in class for two hours, put it in my backpack and when walking to the front of the class to turn in I pulled my extremely revised blue book out and turned it in. [hollowm00n]

4. The Group Cheat

I had a terrible Physical Science teacher in high school, and only a few really smart honor students knew anything on his tests, (which were all 5 questions and multiple choice, but very complicated answers) so we came up with this group system where we would glance at one another and scratch our face with three fingers indicate problem number 3, and then cough if the answer was A, tap the desk for B, etc. The entire classroom was in on it, and if we all got good grades on the test we would buy the genius kids ala carte at lunch. [Phylosophers_Anon]

5. The Laminated Chit

Wrote formulas on a tiny piece of paper and laminated it with tape so I can crumble it up in my hand but still be legible when I opened it up. Good thing I did that cause I had to hold in my mouth for a good 10 minutes once to avoid being caught. [nonyobiz]

6. The Master Copier

I walked up to ask a question after she handed them out, put my test on top of an already graded test on her desk, then walked away with both tests and copied it. Not super complicated, easy to be caught. But hey I’ve never been caught doing obvious sh*t like that. [PurpleFanto]

7. Hidden Answers

Answers written all over my thighs, short skirt, dark tights that you can see through when you stretch them.¬†Because what’s a prof going to do? Tell a girl to take off her clothes? [Gluttony4]

8. Why Cheating is Always a Bad Idea

In first grade we had spelling tests. We were told to put up binders so nobody would cheat off our papers. I wrote the hardest words down on the inside of the binder and made it to the spelling bee where I failed spectacularly. [IAmTheToastGod]