Many people conceive of abuse as only occurring to women in a relationship. That is usually the case simply because women are frequently considered the “weaker” of the two genders. However, physical and emotional abuse of men at the hands of women does sometimes happen, and it happens more often than many people realize regardless of the absence of attention that it gets from the general public.

While men may generally be physically stronger than their female counterparts, emotionally, men can be far more delicate. Perhaps more importantly, often when a man is abused, especially by a woman, he’ll be much less likely to display indications of that emotional anguish due to his not wanting to be seen as “weak” in the first place. To be perceived as being weak is inconceivable in the eyes of the common man. For this reason, a man may be much less likely to confide in even a close friend about such abuse in the way his female counterpart might.

Physical Abuse Of Men

While it may be much less common for a man to be physically abused by his girlfriend or spouse, when it happens, it has no less of an impact on him both emotionally and mentally than in the case of such abuse happening to a woman. It is interesting to see that there are many whom simply do not believe that it is even possible for a man to be physically abused at the hands of a woman period. It’s just less likely that the man will ever allow friends or relatives to find out. To put it another way, a man who is being abused by a woman may be more likely to conceal any evidence pointing to or deny that the abuse is taking place in the relationship.

There are two main reasons why a man might allow himself to endure such punishment. The first, as I’ve already pointed out, is that he fears the thought of being perceived as weak since he’s apparently unable to handle the situation on his own. The second main reason is simple. If he is a good man who has been raised properly, he simply will not ever hit a woman even to defend himself. Regardless of what she does to him or how much he’s hurt by her, he cannot allow himself to retaliate. In addition, he can even be in a state of denial or shock at what this woman in his life is actually capable of.

Emotional Abuse On A Man

When one thinks of abuse in a relationship, especially in terms of that which is bestowed upon a man by a woman, it is much more often of the emotional variety. However, it is no less impactful than its physical counterpart. And, while either form can damage the man’s self-esteem, it is most often the emotional abuse that gets overlooked and even hidden. He may be unwilling to admit or even believe that he is being treated unjustly by this woman that he cares so much about.

There are a number of specific ways in which a man can be emotionally abused by a woman. One of the typical ways in which a woman can do this is by verbal abuse such as name calling and other degrading statements. This verbal abuse can damage the man’s self-esteem as he begins to believe what this woman he loves says and thinks about him. As he is continually belittled by the one person he cares so much about, he’ll find it more and more difficult to believe that others will think any better of him. An additional and even less obvious way in which he may abuse is through her use of crying and other behaviors that she may use to control him to get whatever she wants.

Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean that you’re free from the potential of being abused. Both emotional and physical abuse are two evils that have no sexual preference and can be wielded by anyone selfish and heartless enough to use them at their leisure. If you are a man (or a woman, for that matter) who is being abused in any way, do not be afraid to seek professional help immediately. No one, neither man nor woman, should have to suffer at the hands of an abusive partner!

Source by Anthony S Carter