Mission Statement

Piece Initiative is a non-profit organization whose mission, in general, is “to promote, develop, supervise, and voluntarily assist in all lawful ways, the interest of those who will participate in PIECE Initiative.”

Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the PIECE initiative program assists the youth and the community in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being. By espousing the virtues of character, courage, and loyalty.  The aim is also to promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.

Our 3 main areas of focus are:

Educational Support,

Health & Wellbeing

and Social Cohesion.


  • Provide a platform for entertainment, knowledge, and exploration
  • Encourage understanding and positive interaction between all faiths, religions, creed, and color.
  • Introduce the Health and Well-being and its importance.
  • The importance and the need for education.
  • Build bridges across faiths, communities, and societies with its community cohesion.

PIECE was founded in the year 2010 in the United Kingdom as a sub entity to help the community in conjunction with Raedan Institute. It has now expanded to three divisions: Health and Wellbeing, Education and community cohesion.

Today, PIECE is a local initiative with its headquarters located in the United Kingdom and hopefully will be expanding nationally with the next year.

Health & Wellbeing

Promoting health and well being

Different people have different ways as to how they classify and define health. The word ‘health’ comes from the old English word ‘healthy’ which means wellness in the soul, mind, and body. There are many different definitions of health. Health, as defined by the English dictionary, means the state of condition of a person’s mind or body. Well being in the same dictionary is defined as good health, happiness, and comfort. According to the World Health Organisation:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Getting Involved in the Community

If you want to make a difference to your local community then why not be a volunteer? You can help the community and develop your skills at the same time. Volunteers do all sorts of things, so you’re bound to find something that suits you:

  • Leisure Opportunities
  • Community Support opportunities
  • Charities
  • Local Projects

Long Term Objectives

The PIECE lifestyle program provides the community with a range of local attractions, events, activities, and services to get you and your family active. Our aim is to help you ‘Be Active, More Often’ in and around the Borough and see our beautiful |country, live a healthier life by keeping fit |Gym or activities |healthy walk and to do something that you may never have tried before, |like volunteering to lead a walk. To also increase your level of physical activity, in order to improve your health.

Health and well-being matters to everyone.

Whatever your background, whatever your job, whatever your interests, we all have one thing in common, we want to stay healthy and feel good, both physically and mentally. It’s impossible to enjoy life without it.

2010 was a fantastic start. I saw the principles of health and well-being embraced at all levels. Out in the community, people took up new hobbies, launched themselves into exercise plans, and gave their time as volunteers. At a strategic level, big businesses and organizations got on board, acknowledging the role of health and wellbeing and working to embed it into their long-reaching plans on issues such as transport, health care, and employment.

It also established the five key ways that we can all improve our health and well-being. Over the next decade there will be hundreds of ways to play your part – so keep a look out on the website for up-to-date news. www.piece-initiative.org

The five ways to health and well-being are:

Connect – with others, at home, at work, in your community. During 2010, the people of Liverpool connected through neighborhood activity days, festivals, multi-cultural events, play projects and all kinds of community gatherings.

Be active – an active lifestyle not only keeps our bodies healthy but makes us feel good as well. 2010 saw a huge range of activities on offer from kayaking to climbing, cycling to swimming, and everything in between. There was something for everyone, whatever their fitness level.

Keep learning – trying something new can help keep our minds and our lives active. Many of you across Merseyside had a go at something completely different, be it signing up for a reading group, joining a drama class, taking part in a workshop or getting creative with arts and crafts.

Give –giving to others makes us feel better, and 2010 could not have happened without the generosity of the people of Blackburn. By giving their time, expertise and energy, they helped not only to organize events but make them successful by turning up and joining in. Thousands also made the most of the sponsored events such as A Night of Peace & Laughter to raise cash for good causes.

Education Initiative

Education serves as the means to bring about the desired change in society, to develop a generation of virtuous individuals and thus contribute to the development of good human beings. The fundamental purpose of education is to gain knowledge, inculcate the forms of proper conduct and acquire technical competency. Education serves as the means to develop oneself physically, mentally and socially. The importance of education to people manifests itself in terms of the need to cultivate the youths of society into mature individuals. Education is important for the youths, as youth is their growing stage. It is the time to develop the principles of life, make career decisions and begin the pursuit of one’s goals.

Significance Of Education In Our Life:

  • · Makes Better Citizens
  • · Ensures A Productive
  • · Opens New Vistas
  • · Spreads Awareness
  • · Helps In Decision-Making
  • · Bolsters Confidence

In Jan 2003 initially as a youth service (2006, registered charity Raedan Institute) was born. It is a charity that provides support and information for families whose children are being educated inside and outside the school, and for those who wish to uphold the freedom of families to take proper responsibility for the education of their children.

An increasing number of parents and children want an alternative to school. Our reasons are many, and we often differ widely in our views, but as parents, we share the desire to take back direct responsibility for the education of our children rather than to delegate it to schools.

Long term Objectives

Our principal aims are:

  • · encourage learning outside the school system;
  • · reaffirm that parents have primary responsibility for their children’s education and that they have the right to exercise this responsibility by educating them out of school time;
  • · Establish the primary right of children to have full consideration given to their wishes and feelings about their education;

The practice of “tuition” is steadily spreading and our enrollment is increasing: enrollment is open to anyone – as well as those promoting “tuition,” we have many members who simply want to support us. The larger our pupilship, the better our services and resources will be and the more clearly our voice be heard. So even if you are not thinking of supporting “tuition” immediately, we hope that you will join us. We do not have any source of funding other than members’ subscriptions and donations, and everything we do is dependent upon the work and commitment of volunteer members.

Community Cohesion

Community Cohesion is what must happen in all communities to enable different groups, cultures, faiths of people to get on well together. A key contributor to community cohesion is integration which is what must happen to enable new residents and existing residents to adjust to one another.

This is a reflection of the DCSF’s description of community cohesion as promoting a society in which:

  • there is a common vision and sense of belonging by all communities
  • the diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and valued
  • similar life opportunities are available to all

Educational facilities of all kinds, as centers of local communities, have a duty to promote community cohesion. Following the publication of two key reports for Central Government, The Diversity and the Curriculum Review produced by Sir Keith Ajegbo in January 2007 and Our Shared Futures: Report of the Commission of Integration and Cohesion, produced by DCLG, the DCSF issued Community Cohesion guidance for schools. The guidance outlines schools’ contribution to community cohesion under three headings:

  • Teaching, learning, and curriculum
  • Equity and excellence
  • Engagement and extended services

Long term objectives

What are our visions for the future?

Our vision of an integrated and cohesive community based on three foundations:

  • People from different backgrounds having similar life opportunities
  • People knowing their rights and responsibilities
  • People trusting one another and trusting local institutions to act fairly

And three key ways of living together:

  • A shared future vision and sense of belonging
  • A focus on what new and existing communities have in common, alongside a recognition of the value of diversity
  • Strong and positive relationships between people from different backgrounds

The story of community cohesion is different in each area and local areas are best placed to determine what the issues are in their area and devise actions that will address them. www.piece-initiative.org

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