Kerala Holidays

If you are looking for a vacation that gives you a taste of something totally different and very unique, taking up a Kerala Holiday Package is an ideal choice. Kerala Holidays gives you the best of Indian culture and cuisine. You are taken to some very exotic, breathtaking, and beautiful locations. At the end of the holidays, you will carry memories of a wonderful stay and experience.

About Kerala

Kerala is located on the Malabar Coast of South West India. It is famous for its ancient culture, traditions, beaches, backwaters and spicy food. It has many beautiful historical locations and religious sites.

Kerala is a very prosperous state, with a good education system and high level of literacy. Agriculture, Fishing and Tourism are key sectors driving its economy.

In recent years, Kerala’s ayurvedic treatments have become very popular and a cause for tourists to visit the state. Its heath care system has been praised world wide. Kerala has been designated as world’s first “baby-friendly state” by both the UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

Legend behind Kerala

According to ancient Hindu Mythology, Kerala was formed when Parasurama (Lord Vishnu’s avatar), threw his axe which was dripped wet with his mother’s blood, into the sea. At his father request he had beheaded his mother and his father very pleased, granted him a boon. The boon which Lord Parasurama asked was the return of his mother’s life and it was given to him. However feeling upset because with the nature of violence, he tossed his favorite weapon into the sea. However the sea goddess created the land of Kerala.

Places to see on Kerala Holidays

Kerala is a state of immense natural beauty and exotic locations. Popular places to see here are:

Kerala Backwaters – They are immensely beautiful and must be explored by boat. Kerala’s backwaters consist of canals (natural or manmade), rivers and lakes, all of which crisscross throughout the state.

Kovalam Beaches – The Kovalam area is well know for it’s exotic beaches – The Lighthouse Beach and The Hawa beach, both of which were frequented by foreigner during the 1930’s.

Munnar – This is a hill station that once served as the summer resort of the British government’s official station in this region. Three rivers – namely Madupetti, Nallathanni and Periavaru flow through it and as the result the town got it name Munnar which means three rivers.

4281746510_d496079876_bThekkady – This is a wildlife sanctuary in which animals live in their natural habitats. It abounds in diverse type of forest trees and forest vegetations.

Silent Valley National Park – This Park is located in Palakkad district. It is an ecologically diverse region with exotic flora and fauna that are a must to see and experience. It reflects the inherent natural beauty of this state.

Kumarakom – This is a bird life sanctuary featuring exotic birds living in their natural habitat. It is 45 minutes distance from the Capital city Cochin.

Source by Ranjith