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Here’s an unlikely crime-fighting squad – the grandma crime fighting unit

© Jennifer Goddard / Facebook

Fighting violence with love – here come an unlikely crime-fighting squad, the grandma crime fighting unit. West Virginia’s Charleston Police Department has roped in 11 women living at a YWCA to protect their communities with love and hugs. These women come with a history of domestic or elderly abuse.

The 11 elderly women were officially given a membership of the police department’s Grandma Unit, or the G-Unit. They will be assigned different sections of the Charleston community to spread love in an effort to decrease violence. The G-Unit has already come up with a list of locations where they want to carry out their mission.

Corporal Errol Randle of the Charleston Police Department was reported telling WSET that it was “a win for everybody. They feel good by doing it, and they wanna do it. That’s what helps this awesome partnership”.