After you see the main tourist attractions in Prague such as Charles Bridge, St Vitus Cathedral, Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Square you probably want to see more places but your tourist guide forgot to mention those. There are plenty of activities and places to see in Prague other than the main ones mentioned previously. I’m not going to rewrite tourist guides but I would like you to consider some which are not that well known or are sometimes forgotten.

St. James Church (Kostel Sv Jakuba) – Sunday mass

This Church is near the Old Town Square, has great acoustics which make it one of the finest places for a classical music concert. The Choral works and music during Sunday mass is a must. If you are visiting during colder days, make sure you dress warm. It gets rather cold inside. Also, notice the desiccated human hand hanging to the right of the entrance. It is genuine. 


This place is a bit out of the way so it’s not often visited but well worth the effort. It is situated close to the city center on a high rock above the river Vltava. It offers great views over parts of Prague. Vyšehrad castle was build in 10th century. Situated within the castle is the church of St.Peter and St.Paul. There are manicured gardens great for a picnic. Not many places in Prague are as green and quiet. To get there just take the metro and then there is a nice walk for you. 

Petřín Hill Observatory

The Petřín Hill Observatory is a copy of Paris’s Eiffel Tower. It’s not much to look at but it will give you great panoramic views of Prague. Petřín Tower is located in Petřín Park which also has a mirror labyrinth.

Source by Peter