Whether you’re looking for your own point and shoot digital camera or purchasing one as a gift to your loved one, here are some good points to bear in mind when selecting the perfect camera for your needs.

Define the purpose of the camera. Will you be using the camera for everyday use, for special occasions, or do you plan to engage in digital photography? The answer to these questions will help you determine the pricing and model for the gadget that you’re planning to buy. There are hundreds of models available in stores, And answering the questions could also help narrow down the choices.

Take time to look around and test out digital camera models. If you know someone who is into photography or has knowledge about cameras, it would be very helpful to bring him along to assist you with the features of the gadget. Asking your friend is better than relying on the sales assistant because salespeople always try to reach quotas and may try to sell something that is not always the best choice for you. At least, with someone you know, you can never go wrong because you trust that person too.

Another point to consider is the camera’s warranty. Before making the purchase, read the information about the warranty and take note of how long the camera can be changed before signing the form. It’s also a helpful idea to know which parts and services are covered since you’ll be using the camera for a long time.

Decide on the megapixels. The latest camera models boast of having the most megapixels which is related to the resolution. Having the highest megapixel is not always the right choice, as this is only helpful for making prints with your point and shoot. Other factors which are far more important are the light settings, adjustments in the lens, and the shutter speed.

Set a budget and make sure to follow it. This will help you eliminate a lot of high-end models and focus on the one that you really need. Speaking of budget, never sacrifice quality for the price. Make sure the price is reasonable but at the same time, the quality of the photos is fine.

Save room for accessories to protect the gadget. Cameras usually come with portable bags or leather cases, but other accessories are lens cleaners and waterproof cases. Again, the purpose of the camera will determine the type of the accessory you should buy.

Read feedback and reviews. Know the pros and cons of the models that you are eyeing because these usually discuss all the needed factors like the zoom, and include some tips which might come in handy once you’ve already purchased the camera. Other features of the camera which you should take note of are battery life, how much memory you need, as well as the LCD screen. Be sure to read the reviews on all the different factors which are all important for the final selection of the digital camera to be purchased.

Source by Dan Parker