Know who you are: God tells us in His word that before we were born He knew us. You are never too old before God. In actual fact you are His child and therefore a young person in Christ no matter your age! Which parent would ever call their child old man or woman?

Spend time with the Father: God is our Father and He holds the secret to staying young. The more time you spend with Him, the younger you look. This is because He is the stress extractor, the sorrow chaser and the renewer of your youth!

Sing songs of adoration: You probably sing in your shower and smile at yourself but yes, that’s how to do it. Singing will make you young, keep you young, and restore your beautiful looks that the enemy has stolen.

Put your faith In God: God has never left or forsaken any one. He says in His word that the young lions may hunger and suffer lack but they that wait upon the Lord shall lack no good thing, This includes restoring your youth!

Reach out to someone in Need: Many times we fail to see the beauty in us because everything is about “me” When we reach out, we help someone in need and this brings in us a good feeling. This “good feel” releases hormones that help in restoring our youth and strength.

Get up and Go: Don’t just sit there. Young people are always on the go. Do something to keep fit and healthy. Do some exercises, go for a swim or do something that you like that will keep you active. This way, you’ll meet up with new people and make friends as well as tell them about Jesus. You’ll be certain to reduce your stress and start enjoying what God has given you.

Source by Lucy