People are prone to relationship troubles. They need help in that case with agony aunts or relationship advice by some expert.

Starting and maintaining a relationship with a person can be stressful. Many people find it’s difficult to begin or sustain the relationship with the opposite sex. Romantic relationships are also quite taxing emotionally. Many young people take drastic measures like committing suicide in the case they fail in some romantic relationship. It is seen that people commit suicide worldwide more due to relationship-related reasons than financial reasons.


The unpredictable nature of a romantic relationship can spell troublesome for people. For men, it is very difficult to understand what women want. The unpredictable nature of the fairer sex has been giving headaches and heartbreaks to men all over the world at all times. Lots of poems and articles have been written to portray the unpredictable nature of a woman’s mind. It may be also a reason why men commit more suicide compared to women. Another reason may be that woman are emotionally more strong.

Woman seem more confused about their moves and intentions compared to men. They also play more diplomatic roles and they keep men guessing about their next moves. It results in more heart breaks for men. It is said that when a woman has her answer as yes, she may convey anything ranging from yes, no to no answer at all. Women are also more choosy about their selection of a partner. They want to meet and date real men, meaning dominating men who know what they want and have a mind of their own. On the other hand, women do not like submissive kind of men who do lots of things just to please women.


Interestingly, for women, it is easy to understand men. They are equipped by nature to read the mind of men easily. The moment a woman meets a man she knows what a man thinks about her. She can also make correct guesses about the men’ next moves.

In the case of breakups or heartbreaks, both men and women need relationship advice or help of some agony aunt.

Source by Deepak Saxena