The men in suits are back, and how! Antariksh the Delhi based rock band, smartly clad in their signature black suits have released a music video in order to commemorate the two years of their very first album- Khoj. Titled Intezaar, the video is set to music by the same name that was originally composed by them for a short Bollywood movie in 2010 called ‘The Bet’.

To begin with, the music is soulful to the ‘T’. It starts off with a small prelude that gives you a feel of what’s in store for you. Rini Rajput (an additional voice for this song) adds to the mysticism of the song along with Mridul Ganesh (former singer and vocalist of this song) who takes the song to a new level by hitting high notes with ease. The backing vocals provided by Varun Rajput work in perfect synergy with the rest of the song, adding a desirable echo to the main vocals. The guitars by Gurtej Singh and Varun Rajput along with Sonic Shori’s Bass amp the song perfectly.

And not to forget the drummer- Vipul Malhotra who serves as the backbone for the song with ease. On hearing the song, you’ll be convinced it’s an eclectic fusion of soulful semi-classical vocals and soft rock music. The lyrics are as easy as they can get, but that doesn’t imply it lacks meaning. Representing a love story of sorts, the lyrics are sure to linger on your mind for the next few hours. The video, although relatively simple, is hypnotic in its own sweet way.

ant video

Depicting space (or antariksh), it looks even better in full screen. The black screen with its shades of purple and white manage remind you of the good ol’ visualizations from Windows Media Player. Best described, the song and video is simple, yet effective.

But that’s not all. When Antariksh enters the building, they like to make to make it grand! In addition to the release of the lyric video for intezaar, the band will also be completing three years later this month. In celebration, they’ll be touring in October and November all across the country. Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai…you name it! Hold on to your hats, people. There’s more! They’re also planning on releasing a new single and music video in the coming month. Whew! That’s a lot!
While the intezaar for their new projects continues, in the meanwhile lose yourself to their newest video:

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