The highly acclaimed emergency medicine DVD program by  John Bielinski which is receiving glowing testimonials right, left and center basically comprises of 4 DVD’s which are based on Laboratory Medicine, The Pulmonary Patient, Chest Pain and Common EM Presentations. There are various materials that are also included but those subjects form the basis of the learning presentation.


If you have never heard John Bielinski teach before you will be in for a rare treat because both his methods of teaching and his extensive knowledge on the subject of emergency medicine are absolutely ground breaking and if ever there was a ‘must have’ course on this subject, then this has definitely got to be it.

The running time of the DVD’s is around 8 hours and it would be fair to say that after absorbing the information that John shares, you will be in a far better position to make a quick on the spot diagnosis and avoid the mistakes that can sometimes happen when under extreme pressure.


As if the teachings that John Bielinski gives wasn’t enough, he also teaches in a way which ensures that the learning is easily remembered. The method he uses is known as ‘Active Engagement Learning’ which make the whole learning process fun and by using various memory tricks, mnemonics and case studies the student is able to retain information quickly as soon as the need arises.

This emergency medicine DVD program by John Bielinski really is a wise investment for anyone who needs this kind of information for whatever reasons. It is a fraction of the cost of being taught by John personally but there is the added advantage that you can return to this DVD program over and over again. It is of the very highest quality and it really does come very highly recommended.

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