Review: Tea Trails, a New Destination for Tea Lovers

It is time give a chai a chance


There are tonnes of people who are becoming or have been caffeine addicts, and these people cannot get through a day without a cuppa. And then there are those who love the taste and fragrance of tea leaves. Just the aroma of brewing tea leaves can easily rejuvenate them.

Irrespective of which category of people you belong to, you would have noticed that most areas in Mumbai have good coffee houses, but these cafes usually serve terrible tea. Fret not tea lovers, the newly opened Tea Trails has an extensive menu and will satisfy your caffeine cravings!

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As soon as you walk into this café, the decor and interiors give you a cosy feel. This tea lounge has a seating area outside, which is lit up with lamps that give it a mellow, delightful look in the evenings and nights. The inner area is a 25-seater space with wooden interiors that blend with the colour of the furniture and walls. A mélange of vintage and modern lighting, quotes painted on walls, and a wall filled with photographs add to the ambience. And of course, the complimentary Wi-Fi is a plus point.



The Tea

Tea Trails is like a lot like the iconic Tea Centre in Churchgate, except that you don’t have to call the servers here by ringing bells like an Angrez ki aulaad. Their menu is very comprehensive and has some varieties of teas from across the globe. From the Smoky Chinese Lapsang Souchong and White tea to Japanese Genmaicha, and even Bubble tea (all priced between Rs 120 to Rs 175), they have a cuppa for every taste.

Most of their teas are served in glass pitchers with inbuilt infusers. The hot beverage is served in transparent teacups along with an hour glass to make sure that your tea has brewed for just the right amount of time. The servers also give brewing instructions so you taste authentic flavours. I vote for the Red Zen (Rs 120). This particular tea is a blend of black tea and fresh apple with a hint of honey and cinnamon, which make it a refreshing beverage.

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For those who are open to experimenting, we recommend the Tea Explorer (Rs 360), a platter that serves six kinds of teas from various estates with very different flavours.

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The Food

The food menu comprises simple dishes that taste delicious when combined with tea. “We have curated the menu keeping in mind that the food should not overpower the real taste of the tea. Anyone who comes here will want something that can be clubbed very well with the tea,” says Garima Samani, the owner of Tea Trails.

Tea Trails offers eggetarian cuisine. For breakfast options, try out their poha and upma. Their Egg Kejriwal is a twist on the classic Sunny Side Up, which makes for a good small bite. They make scrumptious Teazza, which is their own version of pizza. You will be amazed to know that instead of oregano and chilli flakes, they use tea leaves as herbs for garnishing.

Their crispy onion pakodas should be paired with Masala chai or Kullad chai; this combination will give you the best of both worlds. If you are looking for something light, the Burmese salad is an ideal choice. This crunchy, fresh and crispy salad is made with iceberg lettuce, finely chopped tomatoes, and cabbage, topped with lentils and spices.

Bayside Recommends

Thumbs up to the Red Zen Tea, Masala Chai, Silver Needle and White Tea. If you’re looking for something to munch on, try out their Meazza, onion pakoda, Bumese Salad and Egg Kejriwal.

What We Didn’t Like

The pasta dishes should be avoided because they don’t seem to be cooked well. They taste like ready-to-eat meals. The desserts are below average and are unlikely to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Bayside Verdict

Tea Trails is an ideal place for tea lovers and people who are open to trying different styles and flavours of tea. It is a good place to have some gupshup with friends over a cup of warm goodness or even some me time.

Bayside Rating: Tea: 3.5 | Food: 3 | Decor: 3

Tea Trails 

Phone: +91 8655010011
Opening hours: 9:30 AM to 11:30 PM
Cost for two: Rs 600
Address: Ground Floor, Kingston Building, Tejpal Road, Near Old Railway Crossing, Vile Parle East, Mumbai.