“We have crossed the father and son relationship. We are friends now,” says Mr. Nanda Kumar, when asked about how working with his son on a daily basis feels like.

Our generation aka Gen Y, historically, has taught parents more about things, than any generation before us. While teaching our parents how to operate a smart phone or telling them which car to buy, we can see that the tables have turned.  A peculiar case is that of a father discovering his passion through his son, Rithesh Nanda, and converting it into a business which they operate together. This sums up the ease and underlying flexibility that the relationship dynamics have reached today.

Rithesh Nanda is a telecommunications engineer. He is also a passionate photographer since the 8th grade, when his first stint with a professional camera eventually developed into a serious hobby by the time he completed his engineering degree.

When asked if he views the world differently as most photographers are known to do, he stated, “I capture the world that people do not even see.”


And he does that, quite literally, through his underwater photography. And he does that, quite literally, through his underwater photography. “Not one person I know was into it. That made me even more curious. I also do wildlife and landscape photography and the shots that I take are curious concentrated micro shots rather than wide angled shots, even when I dive into the ocean,” he adds. Although photography, in itself, is an offbeat career, he says he wanted to stay away from the clichéd photography businesses, like wedding photography, and go off track.


After some initial resistance from his family, things changed when his father was introduced to scuba diving.

Six years ago, Mr. Nanda Kumar quit his corporate job and decided to do something for himself. On discovering the powerful impact of underwater life through his scuba diving experiences, he realized that the only way to capture those memories was through photography. Lucky for him, his son was already a professional underwater photographer. And thus began the journey of unearthing a new craft, through his son’s lenses.

Today, he owns a print and packaging business, that he runs alongside his son and recently released the sixth edition of a beautiful underwater calendar depicting the aesthetics of marine life, all photographs shot by the duo themselves.


“You have a business together. You go scuba diving together. You go on photo shoots together. You have so many shared fun hobbies. Is there anything else the two of you do together?” I ask. “Oh we also conduct segmented niche photography workshops, diving tours, although that is mostly handled by Rithesh,” he replies.

Well, I guess, families that work and play together, stay together.