At what extent do we go to, to save ones marriage? When is enough ever enough? Are we ever to blame? Do we accept that we are to blame as well as and as much as our partner is to blame? Correcting the problems you face in marriage is one true way to saving marriage. You can also work together with your spouse to making the marriage better and more stable.

Saving marriage can only be truly done by the couple and only through them accepting that the marriage needs work. Understanding the problems will open more doors that will eventually lead to the both of you committing to each other and creating a more united partnership.

Problems do always occur in the form of obstacles, which come in your way trying to block you from using the right path. But you need to find out where this obstacles originated from and find a way of bring down the boundaries making it easier for communication. Saving marriage should be your first option before thinking of annulment or divorce. This especially applies when a child or children are involved.

If your interest in each other or the marriage has changed you must first opt to go for marriage therapy and counseling before going to courts to break it off. If you can’t work it out in the long run than I do believe you have he right to part ways and find your right partner. If however it is possible to save your marriage then you must put all your efforts into that.

Source by Peter Gitundu